Regenerate ICO sensors

Regenerating ICO sensors with a KCl solution is an essential step in the maintenance of your pH and ORP sensors. It ensures their reliability and extends their life. It is necessary as soon as you purchase your ICO Pool V2 and ICO Spa V2 device, when your connected sensor is first switched on. Regenerating your sensors is one of the recommendations for use made by Ondilo. It affects the warranty period of your sensors.

Use KCl solution when first starting up your ICO

You have just purchased an ICO Pool V2 or ICO Spa V2 device. A KCl solution to regenerate your pH and ORP sensors is included in your ICO box. This step must be carried out before the first use of your ICO to guarantee the reliability of the measurements of your sensors.

A KCl kit is available in the ico Pool V2 and ICO Spa V2 pack to regenerate the probes at the time of installation

Start by downloading the ICO application and scanning the QRCode in the box. This will identify your ICO device. Then follow the recommendations in your application to regenerate the two sensors.

image showing how to re-register ICO pH and ORP sensors with KCL liquid
  • Unscrew the bottom part of your ICO to access the sensors.
  • Rinse the pH (blue sensor) and ORP (yellow/orange sensor) sensors with distilled water.
  • Pour a few drops of KCl solution into the black caps to soak the little yellow sponges inside.
  • Immerse both sensors in the liquid for 1 hour.
  • Continue with the rest of the installation by following the instructions in the ICO application.

You can follow the entire assistance procedure for completing the installation steps for your ICO here.

Don't forget to validate the regeneration procedure for your sensors in your application, in order to maintain the warranty.

Regenerate sensors for ICO winter storage

KCl is a winterizing solution that preserves your sensors over winter.

Don't forget to order your KCL solution in our Ondilo store at the end of the summer!

How to regenerate sensors during wintering

After getting out of the water and turning off your ICO device.

  • Unscrew the lower part of your ICO to access the pH and ORP probes
  • Rinse the pH (blue sensor) and ORP (yellow/orange sensor) sensors with distilled water.
  • Pour a few drops of KCL solution onto the yellow sponges in the black caps to soak them thoroughly.
  • Repeat the operation every 60 days (2 months) throughout the wintering period.

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