How to test the ICO pH probe?

If you wish to test the reliability of the measurements of the pH probe of your ICO, a simple test with mineral water allows you to verify it. In this article, you will find our tips for interpreting the results of this test. Don't forget that a probe also requires maintenance.

Mineral water test

Follow instructions in this video

access youtube page Ondilo: ph probe test mineral water

Results analysis: the difference between the pH of the mineral water and that of your ICO

  • You notice a difference between 0.00 and 0.3?  ? Your pH sensors works perfectly. You can simply modify target values in your app to reflect this possible differential.
  • Beyond a difference of +1, replace your probe

Sensors use conditions

  • ICO probes are guaranteed for two years
  • The calibration frequency of ICO :
    • Seasonal use (pool or spa): calibration once a year at the beginning of the season
    • Annual use (pool or spa): calibrate your sensors twice a year (every six months).

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