Discover our ICO connected water analyser for pools and spas

Once an hour, ICO measures the quality of the water in your pool. Thanks to its algorithms, ICO analyses the water parameters and anticipates any variations. To help you keep your water healthy and clear and maintain your pool or spa more easily, ICO sends you personalised recommendations on the app.


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Analyzes and measures

ICO measures PH, ORP, water temperature and TDS every hour for the ICO Pool Salt and ICO Spa Salt versions.

Water quality and recommendations

ICO keeps you informed of water quality in real time with the Water Index and sends you personalised recommendations, based on the volume, type of disinfection and treatment products you use.

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ICO guides you through its recommendations on the application

The Water Index - Indice de baignade provides an overview of water quality, synonymous with a balance between disinfection and comfort. The colour code makes it easy to see at a glance whether bathing is optimal, mediocre or to be avoided.

What's more, ICO will advise you with recommendations, only when necessary. There are several types of recommendations :

  • Product recommendations : To avoid dosage errors, ICO gives you the right product, at the right time, in the right quantity (chlorine, bromine, pH+, pH-, salt, flocculant ....).
  • Weekly maintenance recommendations : use the application to choose the day you prefer to maintain your pool or spa. ICO will send you a reminder on the desired day.
  • Weather forecast recommendations : ICO sends you alerts in the event of rain or extreme heat. ICO recommends that you cover your pool in the event of strong winds or increase the filtration time during the summer heat.

Why a connected pool water analyser?

Peace of mind

Your water is healthier and cleaner, so you can just enjoy it.


Keep an eye on your pool's water quality from anywhere, at anytime


Hourly measurements of critical parameters, daily bulletins, directly on your mobile phone.


Use the right product, at the right time and in the right dosage. It's better for your wallet, your pool equipment and the environment.

ICO, innovative technology to help you keep your pool water clear and limpid

When it comes to pool and spa maintenance, Ondilo is a leader
stands out with its innovative ICO technology. This intelligence
artificial patented revolutionises the manner of which the users
can anticipate and manage variations in water quality. Thanks to
to a detailed analysis based on disinfection behaviour and
the forecasts meteorology, ICO offer from recommendations
to maintain optimum water balance.

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