Water is an element in perpetual motion

Water quality is in constant evolution, even if it is not always visible. Indeed, it can be difficult to align clear and healty water together. ICO will help you maintain it properly and avoid any possible issues.

Taking care of your pool or spa has never been so easier

Always connected, ICO monitors your pool water behavior 24/7. It analyzes water parameters, anticipates variations. To help you keep your water healthy and clear, ICO sends you personalised recommendations.

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Analyzes and measures

ICO measures and analyzes water quality and parameters.

Water quality and recommendations

ICO Informs you in real-time of your water health with the Water Index and sends individualized recommendations.

ICO, and it all becomes

ICO Water Index provides a synthetic 360° view on water quality, a balance between sanitizationand comfort. It constantly analyses past, current, future trends. It anticipates variations and provides timely recommendations on how to maintain the best water quality for your pool or spa.


ICO analyzes water quality every hour 24/7.


ICO guides you in the maintenance of your water with personalized recommendations.


ICO sends you notifications at the appropriate time.

Enjoy the best pool & spa experience

Peace of mind

Your water is healthier and cleaner, so you can just enjoy it.


Keep an eye on your pool's water quality from anywhere, at anytime


Hourly measurements of critical parameters, daily bulletins, directly on your mobile phone.


Use the right product, at the right time and in the right dosage. It's better for your wallet, your pool equipment and the environment.

Wi-Fi connection

Wi-Fi connection directly linked to your router.

Long-life battery

Long-lasting rechargeable battery (lasts a season)

No subscription fee

ICO, an innovative technology
to better anticipate variations

ICO's artificial intelligence, patented technology, analyzes water quality and anticipates variations, using data on disinfection behavior and weather forecasts. Constantly learning, ICO informs you on the best way to maintain water balance, with personalized recommendations.

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