I am ICO

I monitor your pool

  • I analyze your water quality
  • Let me help you with your maintenance
  • I anticipate changes in the weather

Simplify your pool maintenance

Created to simplify your pool & spa maintenance, ICO is :


I can hide under the cover & in the skimmer

Plug & Play

My sensors are removable


To your WiFi network


Charge me once per season

Simplify your pool

Created to simplify your pool & spa maintenance, ICO is :


I can hide under the cover & in the skimmer

Plug & Play

My sensors are removable


To your WiFi network


Charge me once per season

ICO Application: ICO

for personalized advice

Personalized analysis

ICO connects you to your pool, he quickly analyzes your pool water quality.


ICO’s Artificial Intelligence anticipates changes in your water and warns you in time to prevent any potential issues.

Anticipate changes in the weather

ICO takes into account any changes in the weather and lets you know what steps to take. For example, ICO will remind you to cover your pool in the event of strong winds


the connected device for your pool
Connect to your pool or spa in real time. ICO simplifies the analysis and pool maintenance.


Warranty 2 years

Free shipment in France

Secured payment

Warranty 2 years

Free shipment in France

Paiement sécurisé

Tinynews’ test :  ICO “The Guardian Angel”


(…) A few short minutes after placing him in the water, ICO recorded, at first for only himself, the key data of the pool water and sent them to the application upon the first connection to the house’s Wi-Fi network:

Temperature – Variable target measurement but set to 27°C on the heat pump

Chlorine – Water disinfection measurement – REDOX – Target measurement between 650 and 750 Millivolts

pH – Water acidity measurement – Target measurement between 7 and 7.4

Conductivity – Target measurement between 60 and 1500 expressed in micro-siemens / cm

And then, surprise, ICO immediately alerts me of a concern with water quality. A complete change of pH and chlorine levels were required. The pool being equipped with automatic regulation, the children had never dove into “dangerous” water before and here, they were about to do so. General alert, closure of the pool for an indefinite period….

What happened – ICO immediately detected an overabundance of chlorine in the water via the REDOX measurement, hello eye irritations and skin reactions and not to mention the damaged technical installation because, as an unavoidable effect, the pH of the water had also fallen making the water acidic (pH high = basic (alkaline), pH low = Acid) and unfit for any swimming. The precise graphs displayed by the ICO application showed the extent of the damage.

A few readings later, ICO, the children’s new guardian angel, began to provide some very timely advice. The application (we love this feature) doesn’t stop at measurements, it even gives precise recommendations with a quantity, to help you intervene in the best possible way. 

Last but not least, ICO keeps a history of its advice and, a nice little feature, reminds you to empty your filters and perform weekly maintenance. He truly is a guardian angel who will allow even the most distracted to keep their swimming pool in perfect working order.

(…) It was no less than the two automatic dosage systems (pH and Chlorine) and their respective probes that had simultaneously given up.

(…) The system had decided to pour 40l of diluted chlorine and 20l of diluted pH- in 24 hours into the pool, so it was best to quickly conclude that swimming could have been harmful, especially since the indicators showed normal measurements.. 

A pool visit later, ICO is still in the water looking after the family and the control equipment that has been replaced under warranty by the manufacturer. Anecdote: ICO measurements were aligned with a margin of error of less than 10% compared to the equipment of the pool professional, which just goes to show the quality of ICO…

What we love is the ease of use, the intuitive interface, the precise measurements, the battery life (estimated, it will last the season), the quality of the materials and the design of the object, and above all the peace of mind that ICO provides for a pool owner whether they are easily distracted or a control-freak, ICO will find its place and demonstrate its added value. In conclusion, if you want to keep an eye on your pool in all circumstances and avoid unpleasant surprises or unpleasant swimming, don’t hesitate any longer, adopt ICO.


Find the full test: HERE

Tinynews.be – Marc Brennet – 27th may 2019

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