With ICO spa, enjoy healthy and clear water!

Simplify your life with ICO Spa!


ICO analyzes water quality every hour 24/7.


ICO anticipates variations and gives you personalized recommendations


ICO notifies personalized recommendations to your mobile application

ICO for healthier and
cleaner water


Hourly measurements of critical parameters, daily bulletins

Peace of mind

Personalized recommendations directly on your mobile phone


Keep an eye on your pool water quality at all times.


Personalized guidance for chemical dosing and best practices

Water Index

The Water Index provides an overview of water quality, the balance between disinfection and comfort


Blue: all Good, no action required 

Green: Water is Ok, but lets check it 

Orange: Lets do some care and some maintenance

Red: poor water quality, immediate action required

Personalized settings and recommendations

ICO continuously analyses past, present and future data to provide personalised recommendations to maintain the best water quality

Customised recommendations on the precise dosage of chemicals and on maintenance

Personalized settings : min/max target values, chemicals catalog

Multiple pools & Sharing

Multiple pools overview

Carousel for quick and easy navigation between several pools and spas monitored by a user

Allow friends and family - or a pro Pool guy - to have also a view on your ICO data & recommendations. And vice-versa !

Why choose ICO ?

Wi-Fi connection

Connect directly to the Home Router via WiFi or add an extender or CPL to expand WiFi coverage close to the Spa and in the garden (not included).


Height 15 cm, diameter 11 cm. Can be placed in the operational skimmer, under the flap.

Plug & Play sensors

Robust, overmoulded probes for optimum durability. Twistlock system for easy and immediate replacement (replacement tool included).

Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Long lasting rechargeable battery. Designed for more than 3000 cycles (1 time per season, 6 months autonomy). USB cable included (10 hours per charge).

No subscription fee
2 years of warranty
Easy to use App
Compatible with Alexa

ICO, compact and robust

.... and smart


Designed to last, made with robust components


Plug & Play sensors

Tools included
for an easy replacement

USB cable


Alexa, ask ICO what's the temperature of my pool

ICO compatible with Alexa