Who are we ?

The idea behind the creation of Ondilo in 2016 was to develop an intelligent solution to simplify the analysis of pool water quality and provide users with personalised recommendations for maintenance.

To carry out this project, our team of engineers and developers designed ICO, a connected object for swimming pools and spas.

There are 3 principles at the heart of ICO technology :

  • Measuring critical water parameters
  • Learning about its behaviour in order to anticipate its variations
  • Measuring the impact of the surrounding environment


Together, these data enable predictive and personalised analysis, with the aim of maintaining clear, healthy water quality.


We have developed and patented a unique dynamic water analysis technology called ‘Water Index’ that allows you to quickly assess the quality of your pond water at a glance.

This bathing index summarises three essential aspects : the healthiness, balance and comfort of the water. It is calculated from four parameters measured by ICO : pH, disinfection (ORP or Redox), conductivity (or minerality) and temperature.

Made In France

Carte de la France montrant les différentes villes de conception et de fabrication d'ICO

Ondilo's head office is in Saint-Cannat, a town near Aix-en-Provence, where all the design and testing phases of our ICO product are carried out.

To manufacture our ICO range, we have established a number of partnerships, particularly in the fields of plastics processing, assembly and resins, in the Rhône-Alpes and PACA regions.

Eco Responsable

Schema qui montre que ICO est éco-responsable avec des explications détaillés

Thanks to our ICO connected water analyser, Ondilo is revolutionising pool and spa maintenance by simplifying their management and minimising their impact on the environment.

On the one hand, by optimising water quality, we reduce water consumption and limit the use of chemicals thanks to the precise dosing recommended by ICO.

Efficient management of filtration time also means a significant reduction in electricity consumption.

Today, ICO is available in 12 languages : French, German, English, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Czech and Danish.

Also available in over 40 countries !

Every day, our customers express their satisfaction at the peace of mind they have regained thanks to the simplicity of the recommendations provided. In fact, these guidelines encourage them to adopt better product dosage practices, which translates into tangible benefits for their health, the environment and their savings.


ICO, and everything becomes crystal clear.