All you need to know about ICO Pool, the smart water analyser

Enjoy clear, healthy water with ICO Pool!

ICO Pool est un objet connecté qui veille sur la qualité de l’eau de votre piscine en continu

Discover ICO Pool

Discover ICO Pool, your connected water analyser for balanced pool water all season long. Continuous monitoring, precise measurements: pH, disinfection (ORP), temperature, and for the salt versions, TDS. The dedicated application gives you detailed graphs and personalised advice on the care and maintenance of your equipment. Simplify and optimise your pool management with ICO Pool!              

How do I analyse the water in my swimming pool?

Say goodbye to interpreting results on test strips! Thanks to ICO Pool and its integrated probes, pH, ORP and water temperature are analysed automatically every hour. You no longer need to monitor your pool, ICO does it for you and sends you accurate results directly to your smartphone.

Once connected to your WiFi network, all you have to do is put ICO in the water and let it analyse the water quality. It's a simple solution for monitoring your pool effectively, even from a distance.

ICO Pool is only compatible with pools treated with chlorine, bromine and salt.

How does ICO Pool work ?

Our ICO pool water analyser is an internet-connected sensor that constantly monitors your water. It supports you on a daily basis via the ICO mobile app with valuable advice on how to look after your pool simply and easily. Thanks to reliable data in real time, you'll know exactly what your pool needs to maintain balanced water.

How do I raise or lower the pH of my water ? How much product should I use ? Benefit from simple, personalised recommendations to meet the specific needs of your pool.

Reliable measurements

The sensors measure pH, disinfection (ORP), water temperature and TDS (salt treatment) every hour.

Customised recommendations for treating pool water

ICO's recommendations are tailored to the size of your pool and the products you use, depending on their packaging. They guide you to the right product, in the right quantity, at the right time. You'll also receive notifications on your smartphone as soon as water conditions exceed a predefined threshold.


ICO sends you timely notifications on your smartphone.

Visuel d'ICO avec l'accueil de l'application

Why choose ICO Pool ?

Time Saving

ICO takes hourly measurements for you, and a dashboard gives you at-a-glance information about the health of your pool.

ICO Pool permet un gain de temps avec ses mesures toutes les heures et ses conseils réguliers

Personalised recommendations for keeping your water clear and healthy all season long.


Keep an eye on all your pool's water parameters (latest measurements and historical data) at all times.

ICO Pool permet de suivre à distance la qualité de l’eau de sa piscine à toute heure depuis n’importe où
Economical and Ecological

The recommendations for adding treatment products, filtering the water and maintaining your pool mean that you use just the right amount of products, water and electricity.

An intuitive and easy-to-use app

Easy to use, the ICO application features a dashboard so you can check all your water quality parameters at a glance, with the latest measurements and graphs to track changes.

L’application d’Ondilo est intuitive et facile à utiliser pour les utilisateurs possédant ICO

Water Index

The Water Index is a water quality indicator, providing a summary of water quality, disinfection and comfort through an intuitive colour coding system.

Clear Blue : optimal water quality, no intervention required 

Deep blue : satisfactory water quality, minor intervention may be required

Orange : Poor water quality, action required

Red : alert, swimming not recommended, intervention required before swimming

Grey : no measure(s) or inconsistent measure(s)

Water quality
measured every hour



Disinfection (ORP) 

TDS / Salt

One measurement every hour, 24/7

Graphs of measurements by day, week and month

Target ranges can be personalized

La température, le ph, la désinfection (ORP) et le TDS/Sel sont les mesures de la qualité de l’eau présentes sur l’application

Configure your application
to receive tailored recommendations

Customise your pool profile (location, min/max target values, volume, catalogue of treatment products) to receive personalised treatment and maintenance recommendations. ICO uses artificial intelligence to analyse your past, present and future data, and even adapts to the weather in your region.

Différents paramétrages sont personnalisables pour obtenir des recommandations adaptées

Sharing your data whenever you want


The multi-user sharing function lets you share ICO's latest measurements and recommendations with friends and family or a pool professional in just one click. And vice versa !

Choix entre créer une nouvelle piscine, un nouveau spa ou suivre une piscine ou un spa partagé

Multi-basin function

Multiple pools overview

On the ICO application, you can create and follow other pools very easily thanks to a quick navigation carousel.

L’application permet une gestion multi-bassins ainsi qu’un partage multi-utilisateurs

What benefits does ICO Pool offer?

Wi-Fi connection

Connect directly to the Home Router via WiFi or add an extender or CPL to expand WiFi coverage close to the Pool and in the garden (not included).


Height 15 cm, diameter 11 cm. Can be placed in the operational skimmer, under the flap.

Plug & Play sensors

Robust, overmoulded probes for optimum durability. Twistlock system for easy and immediate replacement (replacement tool included).

Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Long-lasting rechargeable battery for over than 3000 charges (once per season, holds min. 6 months). USB charger included (6 hours min per recharge).

No subscription fee
2 years of warranty
Easy to use App
Made In France

ICO Pool, the "Made in France" connected water analyzer

Ondilo has created a unique, patented technology to simplify the management of your pool in a very complex environment: water chemistry. Simplicity of use and durability are the pillars of our range of ICO products. We design products that are easy to use and durable. The probes and electronic box can be easily repaired or replaced, which facilitates maintenance and extends the life of our devices.

As a French company, we are committed to supporting the industry and employment of our partners in the Rhône-Alpes and PACA regions.

ICO Pool Made in France

ICO Pool benefits from innovative technology

Visuel du schéma Pool version FR

Contents of an ICO Pool box

The ICO Pool box includes an ICO Pool, interchangeable sensors, included tools for easy sensor replacement, a USB cable for recharging the device, and a quick-start guide for easy set-up and optimum use of all features.

Packaging d'un ICO Pool V2 version Chlore Brome
Pictogramme représentant l’ensemble du produit ICO Pool

ICO Pool

Pictogramme représentant les capteurs interchangeables d’ICO Pool

Plug & Play sensors

Outils disponible pour réaliser des remplacements plus faciles pour ICO

Tools included
for an easy replacement

Un Cable USB est inclus avec ICO Pool pour permettre de le recharger

USB cable

Ce guide de démarrage permet une mise en place rapide d’ICO Pool dans les meilleures conditions


ICO Pool, the swimming pool connected to your home

ICO Pool is highly adaptable to a number of home automation systems, including Alexa, Edoomus, Jeedom and Home Assistant !

Possibilité de connecter ICO avec Alexa, eedomus, home assisant et eedom