ICO Water Index

Our Water Index, a unique technology patented by Ondilo, lets you see at a glance the quality of the water in your pool. This bathing index summarises three parameters: the healthiness, balance and comfort of the water. The calculation of this index is based on 4 parameters measured by ICO: pH, disinfection (ORP or Redox), conductivity (or minerality) and temperature.

On this page, you'll find all the information you need to understand the Water Index, the parameters measured by ICO to analyse water quality, the different displays and customisation options.

Visuel qui montre le tableau de bord du Water Index disponible dans l'application ICO

The Water Index color indicates the overall condition of the water. ICO will provide you with the necessary recommendations to keep your water healthy, clear and comfortable, thus keeping your Water Index in a crystal clear blue.

How to read the water index colors

The Water Index has five colors. The color displayed in your bathing index is the result of the latest analysis of your ICO. It indicates the quality of your water.

Visuel de l'application ICO qui montre et détail le water index avec son interface ainsi que son code couleur

The water index in simple or detailed view

Visuels de l'application ICO qui montre la vue chlore brome et la vue sel concernant les dernières mesures prises avec un descriptif pour les deux versions

The simple view of your bathing index lets you check water quality and temperature at a glance.

By clicking in the centre of your screen, a detailed view of the latest measurements taken by ICO appears: pH, ORP, TDS and water temperature. If you lose your WiFi connection, ICO stores measurements for up to 48 hours. You'll receive them on your phone as soon as the connection is restored.

More information on measures and customising thresholds minimum and maximum

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