Customize ICO measurement units and target values

Your ICO application allows you to personalise the units of measurement (in litre or m3 for example) and set the target values for your pool. What does this do? Quite simply to optimise ICO's maintenance recommendations and advice. Achieving balanced, crystal-clear water depends on a number of criteria that are specific to your pool: weather conditions in your region, water quality and the vegetation around your pool or spa.

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Change the target values of your pool/spa

The dosage and maintenance recommendations you receive from ICO are calculated from the minimum and maximum thresholds stored in the application. Before making any changes, please ensure that the thresholds set are consistent with your pool professional's recommendations.

There are two ways of setting the target values :

  • Setting from the dashboard water index
    • Go to the profile page of your pool or spa (Water Index)
    • Click on the value of the parameter to be modified (pH, ORP/redox, TDS) to directly access the graph of the last readings of this value.
    • Then click on the arrow (Android) or wheel (iPhone) to change the settings.
personnaliser les valeurs cibles depuis le water index de ICO
  • Setting from the parameters
    • Click on the settings wheel
    • Clic on target values
    • Select the value to modify

To go back or restore the factory settings (default thresholds) :

Customize the measure units in your application

You want to display the volume in m3 or in liter, the water temperature in C° or F°, the salt in g/L...? Customize the units of measurement according to your choice from the application settings. The change will be made for all the pools you have or are following.

  • From your Water Index dashboard:
  • Click on the button in the middle of the menu bar
  • Click on Settings then on unit button
  • Click on the unit of measure you want to change and then select the unit you want.
Procédure de personnalisation des unités de mesure ICO App

To learn more about the Water Index (or Bathing Index) and better understand the information available, click here.

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