Settings in the ICO app

The ICO application allows you to easily optimise the water quality of your pool or spa. To do this, it sends you recommendations when you need to act (adding products, weekly maintenance, etc.). To receive even more personalised recommendations, you need to set up the ICO application by entering the characteristics of your pool, your products and your equipment and the target values. We explain everything in this article !

Paramétrer l'application ICO

How do I access the settings?

To access the settings, follow these two steps:

  • Press the blue icon in the middle of the bottom of your screen
accéder aux paramètres

Click on the small wheel icon in the top middle of the page

The different types of parameters

On this page, you have access to several categories of settings

My pool / My spa

ma piscine/mon spa

This page is also divided into several tabs.

  • General information:
    • This section also allows you to set up the maintenance day of your pool/spa (more information here) and the professional contact by giving the telephone number of the professional (spa or pool shop).
  • Administration :
    • This tab allows you to view and delete the profiles of people to whom you have given access to your pool.
administration de l'application ICO

You can also delete one of the pools affiliated to your application on this tab.

  • Wintering : enter in the application that you are wintering your pool/spa. An article in our blog explains how to winterise your pool or your spa.

Products & Equipment

produits et équipement bassin
  • In the tab " Treatment products you will see the type of disinfection of your pool that you entered when you registered and you can enter the products that you usually use. You can choose the brand and the products you have at home, in order to receive even more personalized recommendations.
  • In the tab " Equipment », indicate whether you have an additional solution for disinfecting and filtering your pool water (ozonator, UV, filter cartridge).

Target values

valeurs cible de l'application ICO
  • In this section you can set your target values for water temperature, pH, ORP and TDS. You will receive a recommendation as soon as ICO detects measurements that deviate from these target values.


informations relatives à ICO
  • Here you will find all the information about your ICO: its serial number, its UUID (to be provided to the helpdesk when you have a complaint), the firmware version and the hardware version.
  • It is also in this tab that you can dissociate your ICO from an account.

Now you know how to set up the ICO application!

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