Winterize your pool and ICO

Winterizing keeps your pool cold for a long time and is part of ICO's maintenance recommendations. Here's how to winterize your pool and ICO in three steps.

Passive or active winterization ?

Winterized Pool

Passive winterization is recommended if winters are rigorous in your location (temperature below 5°C, frequent freezing). This procedure allows the protection of the pipes from freezing. This includes the total stop of the treatments and the filtration during the whole winter period.

If the winters in your area are mild (temperature equal to or > 5°C), active winterization allows you to winterize your pool without having to empty the water. Maintain a slow filtration activity (1 to 3 hours per day). Secondly, treat your water quality regularly to maintain your equipment, not forgetting to clean the filters when necessary. Finally, we recommend that you purchase an anti-frost kit just in case.

How to winterize your pool and ICO

First step: winterize your pool

  • When ?  the water temperature is under 12° C ( 53,6°F)
  • A clean pond: clean the pool thoroughly (water line, stairs, bottom) with a brush.
  • Clean the filter: before shutting down for the season, clean and descale the filter.For the sand filter, backwash and then flush (multiport valve).If you have a cartridge filter, put back in new filter cartridges.
  • Shock treatment: pour a winterization product (composed of an algaecide and an anti-scale) to have healthy and clean water. Filter the water for 24 hours.
  • For a passive winterization only :
  • Lower the water level by about 1/3 (about 10 cm below the discharge nozzles) - only if you have chosen passive wintering
  • Drain: Drain the pump, filter and all hoses.Close your filter valve and shut-off valves (suction and discharge).
  • Anti-Freeze Accessories: Remove and clean skimmer baskets. Install winterization floats on the diagonals of your pool (to prevent freezing).
  • Remove accessories: Put your pool equipment under cover and dry (ladder, pump ...) and do not hesitate to remove the filter and pump from your technical room.
  • Passive and active winterization 
  • Wintering product: pour the product into your pond in several places so that it spreads over the entire surface. It helps prevent lime deposits, algae and other parasites.
  • Winter cover: it's time to protect your pool, until the next season.

Step 2: winterize ICO

  1. Take ICO out of the water: dry it properly with a soft cloth
  2. Open the top cover: long press (5-6s) to turn it off. The LED will flash yellow once. Replace the cover.
  3. Remove the bottom cover of the ICO:  to do this, turn the cover to the left by a quarter turn
  4. Replace the sensor covers (black caps) that came with your ICO. Make sure the sponges are moistened and placed on the pH and ORP sensors (Blue and Orange/Yellow).
  5. Replace the bottom cover: store ICO in its protected box away from dust.

We recommend moistening the sponges every two months during winter storage with mineral water and then putting them back in the black protective caps.

Final step: winterize your ICO app

In your ICO app :

  1. Open the application go to the list of spas and select the desired profile
  2. Click on the icon settings and then on My pool / My spa
  3. In the section Winteringselect Activate / Deactivate, and then activate "Winterizing my pool/spa and click on Continue.

Check the pool profile winterization is activated when the snowflake icon appears. Your ICO is now in standby mode. Access to data is temporarily disabled until your pool is restarted. To reactivate your ICO, click on the snowflake and confirm.

Winterize your pool and your ICO from your app