Prepare your pool before you go on vacation

Are you going away for a few days or several weeks this summer? You'll need to prepare your pool to ensure optimum water quality until you return. Cleaning, water treatment, water filtration ... not forgetting to secure your pool while you are on vacation. To leave more relaxed, our tips for monitoring your pool remotely and entrusting your pool to a trusted third party. Everything you need to know and do to leave on vacation with peace of mind.

photo of a swimming pool and suitcases to illustrate the article on pool maintenance before going on vacation.

Cleaning the pool before you go on vacation

To prepare your pool, we advise you to start by cleaning the pool, then analyzing the water quality.

The cleaning procedure is similar to that for winterizing your pool. You'll need to plan several days in advance, especially if there's no one to intervene in your absence. Your pool needs to be thoroughly cleaned:

  • Remove leaves and impurities from the surface with a landing net.
  • Brush the water line and walls
  • Use your robot or vacuum cleaner to clean the bottom.
  • Empty skimmers
  • Check and clean pump pre-filter

For more details, read our article clean your pool.

Pool water analysis and treatment

Using your usual measuring tools, measure the main water parameters and correct them where necessary. In this article, you'll find a summary table of all water parameters (link), showing optimal thresholds and methods for correcting the parameter.

  • Measure the pH of the water, which should be between 6.9 and 7.4 for chlorine-treated pools; 7.5 and 7.8 for salt- or bromine-treated pools. Readjust if necessary. How to raise or lower pH.
  • Check the disinfectant level (bromine, chlorine or salt) and adjust. If your pool is treated with chlorine, preferably use slow chlorine, whose action lasts several days.
  • You can then use a chlorine shock treatment or opt for a algicide preventive treatment. This treatment prevents the appearance of algae and contains a clarifying agent.
  • If you're using unstabilized chlorine, add chlorine stabilizer to keep the chlorine active despite UV rays.

Pool water filtration

Once you've cleaned your pool and treated the water, it's time to activate a full filtration cycle (at least 12 hours a day) in order to get the chemicals into every nook and cranny. Read our article on pool water filtration, whose activation time depends on water temperature. Keep in mind that filtration contributes 80% to maintaining balanced water.

Before you leave on vacation, program your pump for daily activation. A programmer is a highly recommended piece of equipment for installation in the equipment room. Without filtration, you're likely to find your pool full of algae when you return. There are models with mechanical programmers (approx. 35 euros) that you can easily install yourself. Other, more sophisticated models feature a digital display and even an Internet connection for remote activation (from 130 euros).

illustration showing the 4 steps to follow to prepare the pool before leaving on vacation : cleaning, measuring, treatment, and filtration

Securing the pool while you're on vacation

In France, it's not compulsory to cover your pond if you're away from home for several days (please check the legislation in your country). It's even less advisable if outdoor temperatures are very hot, as a shutter or bubble cover helps to raise the water temperature and prevents it from cooling at night. However, if the weather forecast calls for violent thunderstorms or heavy rain that will bring debris, it's best to cover the pool.

Although it's not compulsory to cover your pool, French law does require you to secure your private pool at all times, especially when you're away. You can choose from 4 types of safety equipment: pool fences, pool alarms, pool covers and pool shelters. Find the list of standard safety equipment. Activating one of these systems in your absence is compulsory and protects you in the event of an accident in your pool in the event of an intruder.

Go on vacation with peace of mind, ICO looks after your pool 

To prevent your pool from turning into a greenish puddle when you return from vacation, you can ask a third party (pool professional, neighbor, family or friend) to look after your pool in your absence. However, this can be costly if you're away for several weeks, and it requires a lot of the person's time.

That's why connected water analyzers, like ICO Pool, are particularly interesting if you're away from home on a regular basis. ICO automatically monitors all water parameters and lets you access the latest water quality measurements remotely via your smartphone. What's more, you can activate the sharing function with a trusted third party, who will receive precise treatment recommendations.

This solution saves time for your pool professional, who can monitor your pool remotely and intervene only when necessary. Similarly, your neighbor or friend won't need to visit your home every day. They'll receive clear instructions on which product to use and the appropriate dosage, right when your pool needs it.

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