Maintain pool water during hot weather

Above 28-30°C, the heat affects the water in your pool. It is then less stable and can very quickly deteriorate. When the outside temperature rises, you must monitor the changes in the water to act quickly and adopt the right maintenance measures.

heat wave pool water . a strong heat acts on the water of your pool.  Adopt the right gestures!

What consequences for the water balance?

When the water in your pool is less stable, it deteriorates very quickly. This is manifested by: 

  • Dehydration of bathers and profuse sweating in an attempt to maintain a stable body temperature. Sweating also contributes to water imbalance.
  • Water that is too warm causes algae, bacteria and micro-organisms to proliferate. Without treatment and appropriate actions, the water becomes cloudy and green.
  • The development of limescale and the formation of scale. Water hardness (tH) should therefore be monitored very closely.
  • Treatment products become less effective over time, especially chlorine, which acts on water disinfection.
  • During a heatwave, the water in the pool evaporates very quickly: this has an effect on the speed of water changes and can also damage your equipment. Your pump can become defective and damaged in the long term.

The right things to do to keep your water safe and clear

To avoid green algae in your pool , limescale or excessive evaporation during heat waves, here are some simple steps to keep your water healthy and clear:

  • Do not cover your pool at night 
  • Turn on your water filtration system in day-time activation.
  • Clean your pond water every day with a net and/or robot
  • Protect the water from the sun by creating shade: parasol, shade cloth, etc.
  • Test your pool water daily or simply follow your ICO's treatment recommendations 😉