With ICO, taking care of your pool has never been easier

Let ICO guide you!

The water in your pool is a constantly changing element. That is why we have created ICO, a smart solution for private pools and spas. Our connected island analyses the water 24/7 and guides you with simple recommendations to keep your water clean and clear.

ICO Pool. The easiest way to take care of your pool
ICO Pool also exists in a a spa version
simplicity with ICO


Taking care of your water has never been easier or faster.

serenity with ICO

Peace of mind 

Your water remains healthy and clear, so all you have to do is enjoy it.

control your pool with ICO app


All info you need is on your mobile with intuitive features.

Make savings with ICO


The right product, at the right time with the right dosage.
It's also better for the environment!

ICO is compatible with chlorine, bromine and salt treatment.

Discreet and robust, ICO is designed to simplify your daily life. It analyses the water in your pool continuously, autonomously and communicates all the information in real time to your application via Wi-Fi. With its three sensors, ICO measures pH, disinfection (ORP or Redox), mineral salt level or TDS, and water temperature every hour.

Youtube video . inside the ICO box

ICO watches over your pool 24 hours a day

We have developed and patented a unique dynamic water analysis technology. ICO warns you of the slightest change by combining information related to your environment (weather: prevention of high temperatures; increase in attendance; it adapts to the products and treatments used...). Via your ICO mobile application (available for free on Google Play and Apple Store), you receive information on the quality of your pool water (measurements, recommendations, notifications). The information can be shared with your family or with a trusted person if you go on holiday.