ICO Pool - the connected device for your pool


With ICO, you will be connected to your pool in real time, wherever you are. ICO simplifies the analysis and maintenance of your pool.

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Who is ICO ?

I am ICO - the island connected to your pool.

measure, analyse, recommend and alert when necessary to guide you and enable you to have a clear and healthy bathing water at all times.

Thanks to my patented technology, I provide you with personalised recommendations, adapted to your environment, only when necessary.

Connected to Wi-Fi to your network, I will transmit this information directly to your smartphone 24/7 wherever you are.

Elegant and compact, I will blend in with the decor of your pool, slip under the cover or splash around in the skimmer. I am robust, designed to last over time, to resist to UV, chlorine, children... 😉 My all terrain sensors are protected by a rigid shell. My battery is rechargeable and long lasting (I get recharged once a season).

Thanks to the Share functionYou can share my data with your family, neighbours or friends so that they can easily take over during your absence only moving if necessary.

I am compatible with pools treated with chlorine, bromine or salt chlorinators.

Quick and easy installation with our included start-up guide.

Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 6 cm
Your network


Your pool treatment

Chlorine / Bromine, Salt

Your area

Zone 1 (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxemburg, United Kingdom),
Zone 2 (Italie, Portugal, Espagne, Grèce),
Zone 3 ( Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia ),
Zone 4 ( Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Poland )


Warranty 2-year warranty for ICO and sensors
Sensors 3 Plug & play sensors: temperature, pH, ORP/Redox (disinfection), TDS
Analyzed Data Temperature, pH, ORP/Redox (disinfection), TDS , Salt, weather
Wireless communication Wifi 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz) + Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) (Bluetooth version 4.0 et following)
Battery Lithium-ion battery, long-lasting and rechargeable
Application Application is compatible with iOS & Android (free download)
Eco-participation Le prix indiqué inclut l’Eco participation
Waterproofness ICO is tested IP68


What are the features of ICO?

What is ICO for?

ICO is a small connected island that monitors the quality of your pool water by simply placing it in the water. Ondilo has designed ICO, so that everyone can maintain their pool in complete peace of mind. ICO continuously analyses the quality of your pool water 24 hours a day and makes personalised recommendations on the right dosage of products at the right time.

ICO knows how to anticipate water variations to avoid unpleasant surprises by monitoring the weather and the behaviour of your pool.
ICO alerts you on the mobile app to best practices for simple but effective pool maintenance; treatment products and equipment.

What data does ICO use to analyse water quality?

Equipped with 3 probes, ICO continuously measures the following 4 parameters:
-The pH level
-The disinfection capacity (called the oxidation reduction ratio or ORP). ICO estimates the concentration of chlorine and other disinfectants from this parameter.
-The conductivity of the water, which makes it possible to estimate the concentration of salts and minerals (TDS)
-Water temperature

Why does ICO connect to the weather?

ICO connects to the weather and collects weather forecasts in order to anticipate possible water variations. Indeed, temperature and meteorological events (wind, rain, storms...) have an influence on water quality.
With its immediate connection to the weather, ICO warns you and sends you useful and practical notifications. This way, during strong winds, you can cover your pool in time to prevent your pool from losing a few degrees.

What are the recommendations made by ICO?

On the one hand, the first recommendations made by ICO are related to the use of disinfection and pool treatment products.
If you manually add your treatment products, you will see on your mobile app a recommendation of the right dosage (quantity), ICO guides you with the appropriate treatment product types.
If you have automatic equipment such as pH dosing pumps, electrolysers, etc., ICO will advise you on the correct use and adjustment of this equipment.

In addition, ICO also guides you towards good general practices adapted to the behaviour of your pool in order to simplify routine maintenance and protect the equipment. ICO helps you to optimise disinfection (filter washing, water balance analysis, etc.) in order to improve overall bathing comfort while limiting the maintenance budget.

Finally, ICO gives you tips on how to winterise and restart your pool.

What types of pools is ICO compatible with?

ICO is compatible with:
- the following treatment systems: Chlorine, Salt Electrolysis, Bromine
- ICO is also compatible with all types of pools, whether they are above-ground or in-ground, tiled or with a liner, reinforced membrane, etc.
- all types of equipment (sand filters, pumps with or without variable motors, etc.)

If you have a cover or flap, don't worry, ICO can slide underneath. Its design also allows it to be compatible with indoor and overflow pools.

Is my smartphone compatible with the ICO application?

The ICO application is compatible with Android (from version 5.0) and IOS (from version 11.0)

How to download the ICO application?

To download our mobile application, simply go to the Play store (Android) or Apple Store (iOS), search for the application named ICO and install it on your smartphone.

How does wireless communication work?

ICO integrates Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The wifi allows you to connect ICO to your internet box. In case of non-reception of the wifi at the edge of the swimming pool, it is very simple to extend its wifi in the garden thanks to repeaters or CPL sold on the market.

Can ICO be used with automated systems?

If you have an automatic control system, ICO offers you recommendations for the use and adjustment of your equipment (such as the pH dosing pump, electrolyser etc.)

Does ICO inject the necessary products directly?

No, ICO is an analysis device that then notifies you via its application of product adjustments to be made.

Can a home automation system be supported by ICO?

You can connect ICO to your Alexa* voice assistant using the "My connected island" skill. This is not yet available for Google Home, Apple Home kit There are also plug-ins Eedomus and Jeedom for ICO and a API to enable you to develop your own solutions (technical skills required).

Does ICO have an alarm function when something or someone falls into the pool?

No, ICO is not a security device and therefore does not have an alarm function.

How to use ICO?

How to start ICO?

Before placing it in the water, you must press the start button and download the application onto your smartphone. Once in the pool, ICO navigates along the water, in complete autonomy, analysing the parameters of your pool.
Robust and discreet, it can be slipped under the cover or float in the skimmer. Through the application, you can configure the communication network access and the parameters of your pool in a few clicks.

When do I need to activate my mobile's Bluetooth to use ICO?

Bluetooth allows communication between the mobile application and ICO, notably during the installation phase (configuration of the Wi-Fi connection), and certain specific functionalities, accessible from the Remote Control icon (example: reboot via the application).

Can we choose the language?

11 languages are available in the application. The user cannot choose the language. The application automatically switches to the language of the phone.

When and how do I reload ICO?

ICO has an autonomy of several months. Depending on whether you use it annually or seasonally, ICO can be recharged once a season or twice a year for annual use. To charge it, you must use the USB cable provided. It's as easy as charging a mobile phone.

Should ICO probes be calibrated when first used?

No. ICO is delivered calibrated and loaded, ready to use! We recommend that you calibrate your ICO each time you restart your pool or spa, from the second season of use, in order to maintain accurate measurements and optimise the life of your probes.

What is the life span of the probes?

Under normal use, the probes are designed to last for several years. Depending on the conditions of use and winterization, the life span is 2 to 4 years for the ORP and pH probes, and 5 to 6 years for the TDS probe.

How to replace a probe?

All sensors are replaceable except the temperature sensor.
To replace a sensor, nothing could be simpler: simply unclip the previous one and reclip the new one with a simple gesture (quarter turn twist lock system) by turning it slightly in the intended location. Each sensor has a specific colour which serves as a marker when changing them.

Do I have to take ICO out of the pool when I go swimming?

The ICO is designed to stay in the water among bathers. However, if you wish, you can place it in the skimmer or take it out of the water temporarily (by protecting the sensors with the small moistened sponge tips).

Can ICO be left out of the water?

If you wish to take ICO out of the water, it is possible, but you must make sure that you replace the probe protectors by having first moistened the small sponges placed inside. These protective caps are designed to maintain the durability of your probes.
Whether it is for a one-off or a prolonged outing, it is strongly recommended to put the protective caps back on the probes. For winter storage, do not hesitate to put ICO back in its box, protected from dust, to bring it out in the best conditions at the beginning of the next season.

What are the prices and guarantees of ICO?

What is included in the price?

When ordering ICO, you receive a connected island, with free access to the downloadable Android and IOS compatible application, 3 probes, 1 USB cable, a USB access tool, a quick start guide.

Is ICO guaranteed?

L’îlot connecté ainsi que les trois sondes sont garantis 2 ans.

Do I need to take out a subscription?

No subscription is required for the Wi-Fi models. The application is free to download and no additional equipment is required.