You don't have access to ICO measurements ?

ICO measures and analyses the water quality of your pool or spa once an hour. These readings are available in your ICO application. If you do not have access to your ICO readings or if you receive partial readings, there are several possible reasons for this:

You have set your ICO to winter mode in the application 

If this happens, your ICO's measurements will no longer be taken into account, so deactivate your ICO's wintering mode using the application.

To do this, press the blue Multipool button in the bottom centre of your screen, then the settings wheel. Then follow the images below.

Your ICO is switched off 

Switch on your ICO by following the steps indicated in cette page.

Check the battery level in the application and recharge it if necessary. To do this, you can follow these instructions.

Photo qui montre le dessous d'ICO et les sondes

Your ICO is out of the water

ICO no longer takes measurements when it is out of the water, this is normal. Put it back in the water and wait a few minutes,

ICO indicates this with a message on the recommendations screen: I seem to be out of the water. To understand this message, go to this page.

Your ICO is not or no longer connected to the internet

Ondilo information systems undergoing maintenance 

As far as possible, we will send you an e-mail to notify you of any work to be carried out.

Now you have a few clues as to why you don't have access to your ICO metrics.

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