When and how to recharge the ICO battery ?

The battery life of an ICO lasts several months. A USB cable is included in the box.

When to recharge your ICO battery ?

Depending on the frequency of use we recommend :

  • Seasonal use: load ICO at the beginning of the season, before putting it in the water
  • Year-round use: charge ICO every six months

How to recharge your ICO battery

If your ICO was in your pool or spa :

  • Remove the ICO from the water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Dry your hands carefully.
  • Leave your ICO dry thoroughly for 12 hours before recharging it.

Remove the outer cover and then the inner cover using the provided tool.

ouverture couvercles ICO

The battery is fully charged in 10 hours.

When the battery is recharged, you can replace the inner cover, then the outer cover. To ensure that the cover is closed properly before you put it back on, align the notch on your ICO with the notch on the cover.

fermeture couvercle ICO

Warning : ICO must never be recharged in water. In the event of a problem due to this practice, the appliance warranty will be void.

Charger compatibility and specifications

To charge your ICO's battery, use the USB cable included in the original box, and a compatible charger. The charger must have a USB A output connector. The charger's electrical output must meet the following minimum specifications: Output 5V > 1A. A higher current value (second digit after the pictogram) will also work (1.5A, 1600mA, 2A, 2500mA, 3A...).

The cable supplied with ICO is a USB A to Micro USB cable. If your charger is equipped with a USB C plug, you will need to purchase a USB C to Micro USB cable.

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