Can ICO be removed from the pool or spa water?

You can remove ICO from your pool or spa. According to the following scenarios, here are the instructions to follow:

Temporarily, during your swim

  • Less than 24 hours : Place ICO in a one-liter container filled with water from your pond (same temperature to avoid thermal shock).
  • More than 24 hours Protect the probes with their black protections, don't forget to moisten the little sponges inside beforehand. Then turn off your ICO.
This illustration shows how to protect the ICO probes by fitting the black protective caps. Close ICO by screwing 1/4 turn.

During winterization of your pool

You can take the ICO out of the pool, protect the probes with the small sponges, then replace the black caps, turn off your ICO and store it in its dust-free box. At the start of the next season, you'll be able to take your ICO out again in the best possible condition. See our tips for protecting your ICO during winter storage here.

During the quarterly draining of your spa

Before draining your spa, it is best to remove ICO from your pool and protect the sensors with the moistened sponges. You can place ICO back in the water when the spa is full again. The first measurements will be taken automatically.

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