Protect your ICO sensors during winter storage

ICO has three removable sensors: pH, ORP and conductivity. They analyse the quality of the water in your pool or spa. It's important to look after your probes to ensure they work at their best: handling them with care and carrying out regular calibration is the best way to keep them intact. During winter storage, they also need to be protected, which is vital to ensure that they work properly afterwards. We'll explain how to do this.

When unpacking, keep the probe covers for winter storage.

When you first unpack ICO , the three probes are protected by black plugs that contain small sponges. During the first use remove the plugs then keep them in the packaging box. You can use them again each winter or when you're not using ICO.

CO and its three protection caps with sponges

Steps to protect your ICO probes in winter:

After winterizing your pool and ICO, you need to protect your probes for the winter:

  • Rendez-vous chez votre piscinier pour vous procurer du KCL
  • Remove the sponges from each protective cap
  • Moisten them with KCL so that they are well filled with liquid.
  • Replace the sponges at the bottom of protective caps
  • Insert the black plugs on the probes
  • Moisten the three sponges once a month for the duration of the winter.

Where to place ICO during the winter?

To protect ICO from the cold and damp, avoid storing it in a cellar, garage or equipment room. Instead, keep it in a dry place at room temperature for optimum use during de-wintering.

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