Fluctuations on ORP readings

The fluctuation of ORP measures is normal: it is an indication of the level of disinfection of your pool or spa. Depending on the weather or swimming conditions, ICO can detect changes between two consecutive measurements.

Trend of changes in ORP measures

Check the trend of the ORP measures

On your ICO app you can find the ORP trends by clicking on the trend button. It is important to check these graphs on a regular basis and thus verify that the measurements have some regularity.

Too large ORP fluctuations

You observe a variation greater than 200 mV between two measurements: if you have not carried out a recent chemical treatment that could explain this large variation, contact our support service.

Too regular ORP fluctuations

In this case, it may indicate a fault in the treatment of your pool or spa.

Check the following information:

  • Effectiveness of the treatment.
    • Test the TAC and TH with strips.
    • If these results are too low or too high, your water is out of balance and the treatment is not effective.
  • How filtration works.
    • If your filter is not working properly, the disinfection rate will not be homogeneous in your pool or spa. The ORP level will therefore change depending on the position of your ICO in the pool.
    • Clean the filter regularly and check the filtration system during weekly maintenance to ensure that the ORP is even in your pool.
  • The electrolyser
    • In salt-treated pools or spas, a malfunctioning electrolyser causes an unstable ORP (disinfection rate). Checking that it is working properly is part of the weekly maintenance recommended by Ondilo.

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