Getting started with ICO step by step

To install and configure your ICO, watch the video below or follow the detailed procedure below
Here are the 5 main steps:

Step 1: Configure your ICO application

Step 2 : Connect your ICO to Bluetooth

Step 3 : Turn on and prepare ICO to be placed in the water

Step 4 : Connect your ICO to the Wi-Fi network

Step 5 : Put ICO on the water to start first measurements

Tutorial video steps to start ICO . first connection.

Download the ICO app

Install the app

Download the application and open it on your mobile

Create a user account

In the "Settings" section of the application, click on "my account"
Your ICO is linked to a single user account

ICO app user account

Create a Pool or Spa profile

  • Click on "create a new pool" or "create a new spa" « créer une nouvelle piscine » ou « créer un nouveau spa »
Setup your ICO and create a pool or spa profile

This profile will be automatically associated with the user account.
With the shared pool function, you will be able to share your pond profile with another user so that they can access your ICO's test reports and recommendations. This user will also need to create an account on the application.

  • Create your pool or spa profile

Enter the name of the pool, its location, its characteristics: volume, type of pool and type of disinfection

créer un profil piscine ou spa pour démarrer ICO.
  •  then click on save and continue

Link your ICO device to your user account

To link your ICO to your user account, click on "Identify your ICO", you can scan the QR code or enter its identification number

  • Scan the QR Code (see inside the Ondilo box)
scan of the Qrcode or UUID number of ICO to link ICO to the user account

If your smartphone is not recent, select the camera application on your cell phone. Hold your device properly so that the QR code appears in the viewfinder in the center of the photo. When your smartphone recognizes the QR code and displays a notification. Open the notification to access the associated link.

  • Or you can enter the UUID number manually (it is inside the box)

Step 2 : Connect your ICO to Bluetooth

Place your switched-on mobile phone near your ICO. In the ICO application, press the button « Remote control in the bottom right corner to trigger the Bluetooth network. When the Bluetooth icon is blue, the connection is established. Follow the next steps by clicking on «continue».

ICO is connected to Bluetooth et is able to startup

Step 3 : Turn on and prepare ICO for launch

  • Turn on ICO

Turn on ICO. Open the top cover of your ICO using the small screwdriver provided in the Ondilo box. Remove the intermediate cover.

Press the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds. When the light is green, ICO is on. Replace the intermediate cover.

Close the lid until you hear the safety "clap" that ensures the seal. Align the notch on your ICO with the notch on the lid.

Pour démarrer ICO, allumer ICO et refermer le couvercle
  • Remove the black covers from the three probes

Unscrew the bottom part of your ICO to access the probes. Remove the black protectors from the three probes. Keep them carefully in the box of your ICO, you will need them again to protect the probes during winterizing.

Before launch ICO remove black caps from sensors

Step 4 : Configure the Wifi connection of your ICO device

On ICO app, click on the Configure your ICO

Press on configure ICO to launch the device
  • ICO searches for available Wi-Fi networks around it
Internet connexion. ICO research wifi networks around
  • Select your Wifi network

Enter the Wi-Fi network security key

ICO dress a list of wifi networks
Log ICO manually to your wifi network
  • ICO queries the selected Wi-Fi network and attempts to connect to it

A countdown shows the possible duration of this step.

  • ICO is now connected to your wifi network
connection test .ICO is trying to connect to your WIFI network

Step 5: Putting ICO in the water and launching the first measurements

Put ICO in the water and click on Start to launch water measurements. The installation is now complete, enjoy your experience with ICO.

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