How to replace an ICO sensor ?

The procedure for replacing a probe is identical for an ICO Pool and an ICO Spa.

Le remplacement de la sonde pH (bleue), conductivité (grise) ou ORP (jaune ou orange selon le traitement choisi) s’effectue en moyenne tous les trois ans.

Les sondes de votre ICO sont amovibles, vous pouvez donc les changer très simplement sans remplacer votre appareil. Elles sont disponibles à l’unité on our website Ondilo with the appropriate calibration fluid included.

Steps to change an ICO sensor

Follow the following steps carefully:

  • Remove ICO from the water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Dry your hands carefully.
  • Using the tool provided in the ICO package, remove the probe to be replaced by turning it towards the open padlock pictogram.
  • Then insert the new probe, turn to the right to lock it (padlock closed).
  • Finally, align the pictogram on the probe with the one on the ICO box (middle position).

Align close icon to lock properly the probes
The symbols are aligned, the probe is well locked.

After changing the probe, it is necessary to calibrate it.

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