How to replace an ICO sensor ?

Your ICO's sensors are removable, so you can easily change them without having to replace your unit. They are available individually on Ondilo's shop with a calibration solution included.

The replacement of the pH sensor (blue) , conductivity sensors (grey) , ORP for chlorine and bromine or ORP salt should be replaced every three years (on average).

The procedure for replacing a probe is identical for an ICO Pool and an ICO Spa.

Steps to change an ICO sensor

Follow the following steps carefully:

  • Remove ICO from the water and dry it with a soft cloth.
  • Dry your hands carefully.
  • Using the tool provided in the ICO package, remove the probe to be replaced by turning it towards the open padlock pictogram.
  • Then insert the new probe, turn to the right to lock it (padlock closed).
  • Check that the pictogram on the probe is aligned with that on the ICO box (the 2 arrows in the middle position).
  • After changing the probe, immerse ICO in your pool or spa for 12 hours.

Align close icon to lock properly the probes
The symbols are aligned, the probe is well locked.

Register the new sensor in the ICO APP

To complete this operation, it is imperative to validate the probe change to reset the parameters.

In your application, click on the Remote control button (bottom right), then click on one of the following buttons:

  • Calibration pH sensor> if you have replaced your pH sensor
  • Calibration ORP sensor> if you have replaced your ORP sensor

Finally, click on the reset (new sensor)red button at the bottom.

When replacing an ICO probe, it is essential to reset it in the ICO application before calibration.

Does the new sensor need to be calibrated?

No, our probes are factory-calibrated. So you don't need to calibrate your new probe until the next season.

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