ORP chlorine-bromine sensor (platinum) compatible with ICO pool and ICO spa


Thanks to its Twist&Lock system, the sensor can be easily replaced.

2 years warranty.

After the first season, we recommend that:

  • you recalibrate the sensors each time you restart your pool or spa (or every 6 months if you do not winterize)
  • or if you notice a drift in the measurements.

Your ICO is calibrated by default at the factory, It is therefore not necessary to calibrate it when it is first used.

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This pack contains:

  • 1 ORP platinum sensor
  • 1 ORP calibration kit containing
    • 1 ORP 470 mV buffer solution
    • 1 ICO calibration stand
    • 1 calibration & sensor replacement guide
  • compatible with ICO pool and ICO spa

Additional information

Weight 0,200 kg
Dimensions 18,7 × 16,3 × 3,6 cm

How to calibrate your ICO

This video tutorial explains why and how to calibrate your ICO.