Create a pool or spa profile and fill in the products and equipment

Creating a pool or spa profile is very quick. You can create as many pool or spa profiles as you like! For each pool, ICO sends you personalised recommendations according to the water treatment chosen (chlorine, bromine or salt)

Create a my pool / my spa profile

You need to create your pool or spa profile before connecting your ICO. You can follow this video tutorial or follow the more detailed steps below.

Video youtube tutoriel création d'une profil piscine ou spa sur l'application ICO

Set the general information:

  • Name your pool or spa
  • Location (required for weather forecasting)
  • Type of pool or spa: outdoor in-ground or above-ground pool, indoor in-ground or above-ground pool
  • Volume in m3
  • Maintenance day (ICO will send you a notification to remind you)
  • Contact your swimming pool specialist

Informing products and equipment

Treatment products

  • Type of disinfection (chlorine, bromine, salt),
  • Main products (example: shock chlorine, slow chlorine, pH+, pH-...)
  • Complementary products


view of the ICO application parameters page, which gives access to My pool/My spa parameters, products and equipment, target values and My ICO.

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