Maintaining ICO probes

Your ICO unit has three removable probes that measure pond water quality. They are essential to ICO's operation, as ICO analyzes the readings and then provides a diagnosis with recommendations. So it's crucial to take care of your probes with regular calibration and maintenance. On this page, you'll find our maintenance tips for your ICO probes.

ICO connected sensors

ICO contains a total of four probes. Three removable probes (pH, ORP-REDOX and conductivity) located in the base of ICO measure water chemistry. A fourth probe (integrated this time) measures the temperature of your pond water.

  • pH (blue)
  • ORP (golden) to measure water sanitizsation
  • Conductivity / TDS (grey)
ICO has three connected sensors that measure pH, conductivity and disinfectant levels respectively. ICO is available in pool and spa versions

ICO pH measurement

The pH is a measure of the acidity of water, indicating the concentration of hydrogen ions. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. A value of 7 is considered neutral, and water below 7 is acidic. Above 7, it is alkaline.

The pH balance in your pool or spa is of paramount importance because of its impact on pool disinfection. The pH balance also influences the disinfectant's ability to effectively kill bacteria and harmful organisms in the water More info about pH here .

ICO ORP-REDOX sensor (water sanitization)

The ICO ORP probe, measures the electrical potential delivered by all chemical disinfectants. The measurement is expressed in mV. When ORP (also known as redox) is measured, the aim is to determine the disinfection quality of the water. The higher the chlorine concentration (ORP), the greater the capacity to eliminate microorganisms that are harmful to your health. There are three different types of chlorine: ICO measures active chlorine. 

The TDS sensor

ICO measures TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids in water. This is the most reliable value for measuring the balance of your pool/spa water. A balanced TDS protects both your equipment and your health. Strips that measure TAC and TH and give partial readings.

Our tips to maintain your sensors

As you can see, to guarantee their effectiveness, pH probes need to be properly maintained and regularly calibrated. You should also be aware that probes are fragile and sensitive to shocks, so take good care of them! Finally, certain precautions must be taken when using pH probes. It is important, for example, to avoid extreme temperatures (cold as well as hot), highly corrosive solutions or dirty environments to avoid erroneous data.

Probes winterizing

When your pool or spa is winterised, you must also winterise your ICO and sensors. If you are using ICO Pool or ICO SPA , here are the instructions Protect your ICO sensors during winter storage.

When your probes are in winter storage, they must not be dry. You should moisten the little sponges inside the black protective caps once a month with mineral water.

Sensors calibration

As you can see, probes need to be properly maintained and serviced to guarantee their effectiveness. regular calibration. Calibrating your probes at the start of each season allows you to calibrate them and guarantee the reliability of their measurements. It also extends their lifespan, so it's one more small gesture for the planet! All you need to know about calibration of ICO probes.

Probes cleaning

Your sensors may have a slight greasy deposit on its surface at the end of the season. You can clean it using mineral water and a clean soft cloth. Do not use abrasive surfaces or detergents.

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