How to maintain your ICO device

ICO maintenance tips (early season)

➤ Start your ICO ( early season)

➤ Regenerate sensors
➤ Charging the battery
➤ pH and ORP sensor calibration 

Winterizing and storing your ICO device

➤ Winterize your ICO device
➤ Store sensors in winter

ICO device maintenance

 Regular application and firmware updates 
➤ Water quality 
➤ Clean ICO
➤ ICO out of the water
➤ Replace sensors
➤ Saltwater pools and grounding

Your ICO Pool or ICO Spa connected water analyzer is a high-precision technological device that needs to be maintained to ensure reliable performance. Whether you need to calibrate your probes, store your device in winter, or use it on a daily basis, regular maintenance is essential. In this article, you'll find our recommendations for maintaining your ICO device. These rules enable you to extend the life of your ICO and benefit from the warranty conditions of your ICO device.

Tips for year-round maintenance of ICO Pool and ICO Spa

Maintaining your ICO device is essential all year round. Some of your device's components, such as the probes, are particularly fragile. They require special maintenance to protect them.

Maintain your ICO at the start of the season - spring

In this paragraph, you'll find all the ICO maintenance rules you need to follow when restarting your device.

Reset ICO

At the start of the season, here's how to restart ICO after wintering.Please follow the instructions for updating your application before restarting your ICO. See also our ICO switch-off and switch-on support page. switch ON switch OFF ICO.

Sensor regeneration

Regeneration of the sensors with KCl liquid is necessary to improve the reliability of your device's measurements and enhance their longevity.

  • When restarting your device (in spring), at the same time as calibrating your sensors.
  • When winterizing your device, to protect your sensors when storing them. 


If you have an ICO Pool V2 or ICO Spa V2, regenerate your sensors with the KCl liquid included in your box, as soon as you start up your device for the first time. Please note that if a sensor is defective and has not been regenerated during start-up, our support service will not take charge of its replacement.

Charging the battery

To charge your ICO's battery, use the USB cable supplied with the device and a compatible charger. Use a charger with a USB A output connector. The charger's electrical output must meet the following minimum specifications: Output 5V = 1000mA (1A). The battery must be recharged in a clean, dry place: use the recharging cable supplied in the packaging, connect it to the USB port and plug it into the mains for 6 to 8 hours.

Please note that ICO must be kept dry and out of water when recharging the battery.How to recharge the ICO battery.

Calibrate pH and ORP sensors

The pH and ORP sensors are factory-calibrated according to a reference curve. Over the months, sensor calibration shifts slightly. Calibrating your sensors in the spring will ensure the reliability of your device's measurements. For optimum control, please perform a calibration each time you restart your pool or spa. After six months' use of your ICO (or 1 season), calibration should be carried out as follows:

  • Seasonal use (pool and spa) : calibrate your sensors once per year, at the beginning of the season
  • Year round use (pool and spa) : calibrate your sensors twice a year, every six months


To calibrate, follow our video ICO sensors calibration.

Sensor calibration data is recorded in our information systems. Please note that if a sensor is faulty without having been calibrated, the service department will not replace it.


Winterizing and storing your ICO device - Autumn / Winter

Winterize and store your ICO as soon as the water temperature reaches 12°C . This preserves the reliability of the sensors and protects it from freezing. The winterization and storage conditions described in this section also apply to ICO Spa. Some components of your unit, such as the sensors, are particularly fragile. They require special maintenance to preserve them over winter.

Winterize your ICO device

After winterizing your pool or spa, please follow this procedure to winterize your ICO. This step involves switching off ICO after recharging the battery, then activating the winterizing mode in your app.

If you don't use your pool or spa for several weeks, without following the treatment recommendations, we recommend winterizing your unit. Please also note that your ICO unit should not be exposed to temperatures below 5°C or above 38°C.

Store sensors in winter

We recommend storing your ICO in a clean, dry place with a temperature above 8°C. Storing the ICO in a poorly insulated shed may cause irreparable damage to the probes and electronic circuits of your device.


Regular maintenance of your ICO device

In this section, you'll find maintenance tips and operating conditions for your ICO Pool and ICO Spa unit.

Update your application and firmware

Our technical teams regularly update the ICO application. These updates correct bugs or introduce new features. You can choose to have your ICO application updated automatically from your cell phone settings.

Firmware updates are indicated on the dashboard of your ICO application. They are mandatory to take full advantage of our services. Failure to update your application or firmware may result in partial or total loss of access to functions. This may affect the reliability of ICO probe measurements.

Water quality

ICO is designed to operate in clean, healthy water. Prolonged immersion of the probes in unsuitable, untreated water is likely to cause irreparable damage to them and their coating. Keeping your pond water clean is essential for using ICO.

It is your responsibility to regularly follow the treatment recommendations of your ICO to maintain good water quality in your pond, and to observe the maintenance recommendations on this page.

Clean ICO

It is possible that the coating of your ICO device may become covered with a greasy film after a few months. You can clean it with mineral water and wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive surfaces or detergents.

Rinse the probes with demineralized water (or mineral water). To dry, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth.


  • before calibration
  • before regeneration
  • during the high season, if necessary (greasy film)
  • before storing your ICO, if necessary (greasy film)

ICO out of the water

The ICO is designed to float in the water, even when swimming or immersed in the skimmer. ICO can be used in all seasons, within the following recommended temperatures: 5°C and 38°C.. The device is compatible with all pools or spas treated with chlorine, bromine or salt and regularly maintained (see paragraph water quality).

If necessary, you can take ICO out of the water for a few minutes. Place your device in a clean bucket, filled with water from your pond, to avoid activating the “ICO is out of water” notification.

Chemicals in the skimmer

ICO should never be left in the skimmer when any chemical treatment is applied. We recommend placing ICO in the pond or in a clean bucket filled with pond water.

Replace sensors

ICO sensors come with a 1-year warranty. This represents an average of two summer swimming pool seasons. In normal use, the probes are designed to last several years. Depending on operating conditions, pH and ORP probes have a service life of 2 to 4 years and 5 to 6 years for the TDS sensor. Please follow this procedure to change a probe.

Salt pools and grounding

If you have a salt water pool, earthing your pool is essential. This prevents stray currents from interfering with your ICO device's sensors and measurement analysis. The creation of a ground connection is essential for using ICO Pool or ICO Spa.

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