Wi-fi connection test

Do you find that your ICO disconnects from WiFi? Let's do a Wi-Fi connection test. This will assess both the quality of the Wi-Fi network in your home and the connectivity of your ICO.

Requirements for the connection test

Before testing, check the following information:

  • Your internet box (or router) is connected to the mains. The LED is green.
  • Your smartphone is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • The power works in the house

If any of the above items do not work, the connection problem is not related to your ICO. In this case, leave it submerged in water and wait until the problem is resolved.
Also check that Ondilo has not declared a breakdown or temporary interruption of service.

Let's test your Wifi network in the house


  • Remove ICO from your pond and wipe off the water with a soft cloth
  • Dry your hands thoroughly
  • Set up in your home, where the Wi-Fi reception is good (kitchen, living room...)
  • Turn off ICO by lifting the top cover (the light is off or orange depending on the model
  • Remove the three probes and then replace them one by one. Make sure you hear the "clap" that ensures your ICO stays sealed
  • Place ICO in a bowl of mineral water, so that the probes are submerged
Three ICO sensors are locked

Wifi connection test

Now that you have completed the first preparation step, you can connect ICO to your Wi-Fi network.

  • Keep your ICO and your smartphone side by side
  • In the ICO application, click on the profile of your pool or spa
  • Click on remote control button at the bottom right
  • Click on the Wi-Fi Configuration button et follow instructions on the screen
  • During this phase, ICO tries to connect to the server via the Internet connection of your box/ router
application ICO test reseau wifi

Results after the wifi connection test

  • Successful wifi connection :

Good news, your ICO is working normally and can connect to the Internet. Keep the connection for at least 1 hour by keeping the ICO immersed in the bowl of water, then check that the connection is still active. A new measurement is available on your ICO application.

Wifi connection test successful

Our diagnosis: it is likely that the range of your network is not sufficient when your ICO is immersed in your pool or spa. We recommend a solution to extend your Wi-Fi network to solve this problem 

  • The connection to Wi-Fi was successful, but ICO disconnects again :

Please contact Ondilo customer support

  • Wi-fi connection failed.

Please contact Ondilo customer support

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