Wi-Fi connection test

You can do an ICO wifi connection test if you have any doubts about the ICO's connection to your Wi-Fi network. This will allow you to assess both the quality of your home Wi-Fi network and the connectivity of your ICO.

Requirements for the connection test

Before testing, check the following information:

  • Your internet box (or Wi Fi router) is working properly: do a test with your smartphone and open an internet page.
  • Your smartphone is connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Connect ICO to you app via Bluetooth

  • Place your switched-on smartphone near your ICO.
  • In the ICO application, press the Remote control button in the bottom right corner to set-up the Bluetooth connection. The connection is established when the icon is blue.

Test the Wi-fi connection

Start the Wi-Fi connection test

  • Press the Connection Test button and keep your smartphone close to your ICO for the duration of the test.
Télécommande connectée au Bluetooth sur l'application ICO
Etape 6 de la connexion Wifi ICO

Successful test

  • If the wifi connection test is successful, your ICO is correctly connected to your wifi network.

Test failed

If the test is unsuccessful, the following errors may occur:

ICO tells you:

  • Incorrect password :
    • redo the configuration, taking care to display the password for your box before validating the configuration.
    • if this persists, ICO may be too far away
Etape 7 de la connexion Wifi ICO Application
  • Service unavailable
    • ICO has managed to connect to your WiFi router but cannot reach our service: it is possible that your Internet connection or our service are temporarily unavailable.
    • If this is the case, please try again in a few minutes.
Etape 7 V2 de la connexion Wifi ICO Application - Vérification Connexion
  • It may be that ICO is located too far from your box or in a place that prevents it from connecting properly to your WiFi router. If this is the case, take ICO out of your pond and run the test again, holding it in your hand with your smartphone and moving closer to your router.
Etape 7 V3 de la connexion Wifi ICO Application - Vérification Connexion
  • ICO may be affected if your WiFi router has a 5Ghz network with the same name as your WiFi 2.4Ghz network. In this case, you can disable the 5Ghz network on your WiFi router or give it a different name to the 2.4Ghz network. (eg: myWiFi_2.4G and myWiFi_5G)
  • Vous avez installé un répéteur WiFi près de votre bassin :
    • il est préférable que le nom de réseau WiFi de votre répéteur soit différent de celui de la box/routeur WiFi de la maison afin d’éviter les interférences entre les deux.
    • Vérifiez également que votre répéteur WiFi n’émet pas de réseau en 5Ghz avec le même nom que celui en 2.4Ghz

If ICO is still unable to connect to your WiFi network, despite all your attempts, please contact the Ondilo Support Department, indicating as precisely as possible the actions you have taken.

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