ICO message "Wifi connection lost"

Please follow the steps below to check the connection quality and resolve this issue.

The steps to follow to solve this Wi-fi connection problem

Pull ICO out of the water

  • Remove ICO from your pool or spa water
  • Take a seat in your home (living room, kitchen)
  • Dry ICO with a soft cloth
  • Dry your hands thoroughly
  • Remove the three sensors 
Open your ICO to remove sensors and chose view

Turn off then ON your ICO

  • Open the lid
  • Press the OFF button (the LED is orange or off depending on the model)
  • Replace the three probes, locking them securely
  • Press the ON button again (the LED is green)
allumer ICO

Test the Wifi connection

  • Keep your ICO and your smartphone side by side 
  • In your ICO application, click on the profile of your pool or spa
  • Click on remote control button at the bottom right
  • Click on the button connection test
  • During this phase, ICO tries to connect to the server via the Internet connection of your box.
ICO is trying to connect to bluetooth

Final diagnosis of the connection test

If this screen appearsIf you are not sure, your ICO has successfully connected to your Wi-FI network. Keep the connection for 1 hour, then check that it is still active. 

Connection test to the wifi OK
  • Your ICO stayed connected: Your network range is probably not sufficient when ICO is submerged in your pool or spa. We recommend to install a wifi extension solution to solve this problem.
  • Your ICO disconnected again : please contact our client support.

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