Enable your ICO's Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth connection allows the link between the ICO device and the ICO application, mainly duringICO activation .This feature is available by clicking on the  Remote control button.

Accès à la télécommande ICO pour activer la connexion bluetooth

Requirements to enable the Bluetooth mode

  1. Check in the Bluetooth section of your phone that no other devices are paired: (earphones, connected watch, ...). If so, please deactivate them temporarily.
  2. In the settings of your smartphone, make sure that the Bluetooth selection is allowed.
  3. During the connection attempt, hold your ICO and your mobile phone side by side.

Instructions for connecting ICO to Bluetooth

  1. In your app, click on the main screen of your pool or spa, then click on the Remote Control icon at the bottom right.
  2. Your cell phone then tries to connect to ICO via Bluetooth. This may take several seconds.
  3. When the connection is established, the Bluetooth icon turns blue. The buttons on the remote control then become active.
Connexion bluetooth réussie. L'icone est bleue.

Bluetooth connection failed ?

  • Please exit your app
  • Switch ICO off for a few seconds by pressing the ON/OFF button (the LED turns orange or goes out depending on the model).
  • Finally, turn it on again. When the button turns green and flashes, open the application again and try the Bluetooth connection again.
  • If the attempt fails, check that your application version is up to date (section settings / my account , then version of your application
  • If it is not, click on the button software update (section Remote control of your application ICO).

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