All about wifi and bluetooth connections with your ICO

ICO is a connected water analyser that uses the Wi-Fi network to transmit its information to Ondilo's servers (measurement data and water temperature). To install ICO, you must have a router or an internet box at home. The Bluetooth function is also available on the ICO application for setting up your ICO and managing the settings.

Wi-fi connection with ICO

Connecting ICO to Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi connection is configured during installation using the Bluetooth function via the ICO app. The ICO app is available free of charge from Google Play and Apple Store.

The Wi-Fi connection is activated when your ICO takes its measurements and is automatically deactivated afterwards to conserve battery power.

It is possible to change the Wi-Fi network linked to your ICO at any time. If you change your internet provider or move house, simply select a new network.

Extend your Wifi network

Wi-Fi reception may be weaker if your pond is located in the garden or in an area far from your box. In this case, it is possible to notice interruptions in the transmission of measurements on your ICO application. This is visible with irregular readings that do not correspond to one measurement per hour.

If you find that the range of your Wi-Fi network is not optimal, we recommend that you you extend the Wi-Fi range using PLC or Wi-Fi repeaters. You can find all the information you need in this article.

In the event of a temporary interruption of the Wi-Fi connection (storm or operator service interruption), the measurements of your ICO will not be affected. It will continue to analyse the water every hour, only the transmission of information will remain temporarily inactive. As soon as the connection is re-established, all the data will be sent and visible on your ICO application.

Bluetooth connection with ICO

The Wifi bluetooth allow the connection from your ICO device to the app. Direct Bluetooth connection (or pairing) between ICO and your smartphone from the settings is not possible. This Bluetooth connectivity is only possible via the ICO application by clicking on the Remote control button.

In order to connect to your ICO, your mobile must have Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher. When you want to connect to your ICO via Bluetooth, make sure that the two devices are side by side.

Bluetooth allows the following operations to be performed from the app: 

  • Wi-Fi setup
  • ICO reboot
  • ICO reset
  • Verification of ICO parameters
  • La manual measurement
  • ICO calibration

If you are having trouble activating Bluetooth, this article can help.

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