How to setup the ICO Wi-Fi connection?

Preliminary instructions

To set up and create a Wi-Fi connection between your ICO and your Wi-Fi network, these steps must be completed beforehand :

  1. Download the ICO application on your smartphone
  2. Create your user account
  3. Set up a pool or spa profile
  4. Link your ICO to your account (using the QR code or UUID number)

If you have not completed these steps, please go to the ICO setup to start using your ICO. If your ICO is already associated with an account, please click here.

How to use: ICO connection to the Wi-Fi

You can follow the procedure below or watch the video first Wi-Fi connection.

Connecting your ICO to Bluetooth :

  • Place your switched-on smartphone near your ICO.
  • In the ICO application, press the Remote control button in the bottom right corner to trigger the Bluetooth network. The connection is established when the icon is blue.
  • Complete the next steps by clicking the Continue button.
application ICO message Bonjour

Turn on and prepare ICO to be placed in the water :

  • Turn on ICO. Open the top cover of your ICO using the small screwdriver provided in the Ondilo box. Remove the intermediate cover.
  • Press the ON/OFF button for 5 seconds. When the light is green, ICO is on.
  • Put the intermediate cover back on.
  • Close the lid until you hear the safety "clap" that guarantees the seal.
  • Align the notch on your ICO with the notch on the cover.
Turn on ICO and replace the lid on

Remove black protections from sensors :

  • Unscrew the bottom part of your ICO to access the probes.
  • Remove the black covers from the three probes
  • Keep them carefully in the box of your ICO. You will need them again during the winter to protect the sensors.
remove caps from sensors before immerge ico

Connect ICO to your wifi network :

  • On ICO app, click on the Configure your ICO
Configure your ICO to Wifi
  • ICO searches for available Wi-Fi networks around it
ICO is looking for accessible wifi networks
  • Select your Wifi network
  • Enter the Wi-Fi network security key
ICO app identifies a wifi networks list
ICO application fill manually in the wifi connection login
  • ICO queries the selected Wi-Fi network and attempts to connect to it
  • A countdown shows the possible duration of this step.
application ICO test reseau wifi
  • ICO connects to your wifi network
application ICO test reseau wifi
  • You can now put ICO in the water to start the first measurements
ICO is log to the wifi network

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