How to setup the ICO Wi-Fi connection?

There are two ways of configuring and creating a Wi-Fi connection between your ICO and your Wi-Fi network: initial configuration or new configuration.

Initial configuration

If you have just acquired an ICO and have not yet completed this procedure, please go to the starting ICO step by step to get your ICO up and running. A few steps must be validated beforehand.

  1. Download the ICO application on your smartphone
  2. Create your user account
  3. Set up a pool or spa profile
  4. Link your ICO to your account (using the QR code or UUID number)

ICO n’arrive pas à se connecter au Wi-fi

If ICO has never connected to Wi-Fi, we ask you to share a Wi-Fi connection with a smartphone.

How do I share a connection?

on Android:

  • go to Settings / Connections, then disable Wi-Fi
  • enable connection sharing: set a simple password, select "2.4GHz" ONLY, choose "WPA2 security type".

on iOs:

  • iPhone 11 and previous versions
    • go to settings
    • "Connection sharing" section
  • From iPhone 12
    • go to settings
    • "Connection sharing" section
    • check the "Maximize compatibility" option
      to reactivate the 2.4 GHz frequency band

If the connection works with connection sharing

could you check the following points?

  • Have you entered the right password for your Internet box?
    • Activer l’option «Visualiser le mot de passe» dans l’application en cliquant sur  le petit œil
  • Le mot de passe est-il de type WPA2 ?
    • If it's WEP, WPA3 or no password, it won't work.
  • Les réseaux 2,4 GHz et 5 GHz ont-ils des noms différents ?
    • ICO ne peut se connecter qu’à des réseaux Wi-Fi 2.4GHz. Si votre réseau Wi-Fi émet également en 5GHz, cela peut perturber la connexion. Dans ce cas,  vous pouvez donner un nom différent aux 2 réseaux. 
  • Do you have a Wi-fi repeater?
    • If so, the network names of your Wifi repeater and your Internet box must be different. What's more, the repeater must not have an identical 5G network name either.
  • Le signal était-il inférieur à 3 barres ?
    • Otherwise, the router's Wi-Fi signal strength may be too weak. When configuring Wi-Fi, in the list of networks, if the signal level is below 3 bars, you need to redo the configuration by approaching ICO to get at least 4 bars. If the level remains below 3 bars, we recommend using a Wi-Fi repeater.
  • Comment est configuré le niveau de sécurité de votre réseau Wi-fi ?
    • Check that the Wi-Fi network is not configured with a security level that prevents the connection of any new device (IP filtering, MAC filtering).

If the connection does not work via connection sharing

Check your connection sharing settings

  • select 2.4GHz ONLY
  • set a simple password
  • select WPA2 security type

Try it with another phone

If this still does not work, please contact our Support team.

New configuration

If you have already configured your Wi Fi network and you need to do it again (change your password, change equipment, reconfigure following a return to factory settings, etc.), In this case, please follow the steps below.

Using the remote control on the ICO application :

  • Place your switched-on smartphone near your ICO.
  • In the ICO application, press the Remote control button in the bottom right corner to trigger the Bluetooth network. The connection is established when the icon is blue.

Connect ICO to your wifi network :

  • On the application, click on Wifi configuration
  • ICO searches for available Wi-Fi networks around it
ICO is looking for accessible wifi networks
  • Select your Wifi network
ICO app identifies a wifi networks list

Enter the Wi-Fi network security key

ICO application fill manually in the wifi connection login
  • ICO queries the selected Wi-Fi network and attempts to connect to it
  • A countdown shows the possible duration of this step.
ICO test de connexion au réseau wifi
  • ICO connects to your wifi network
application ICO test reseau wifi
  • ICO does not connect to Wi-Fi

If ICO cannot connect to WiFi, please read the following pages :

Wi-Fi connection test

Message "your WiFi seems weak".

ICO message "I seem to be disconnected".

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