ICO the connected water analyser to your pool

How to keep an eye on your pool remotely and spend less time maintaining it? ICO, the first wifi connected service that analyzes your pool water 24/7. On your cell phone, check the health of your pool at a glance. ICO is compatible with chlorine, bromine and salt treatments.

ICO analyse your pool water. available on

A connected pool to monitor water health

With ICO, you save time and simplicity: it continuously analyzes the water in an autonomous way and communicates in real time all the information on your application. ICO establishes a personalized diagnosis of your water (pH, ORP (disinfection) and TDS (water balance) measurements). ICO warns you of the slightest changes in your water and sends you personalized recommendations on your application: a prescription for the right products, the right dosage, at the right time. It also exists in a SPA version. Discover ICO Spa.

Your ICO app to see water analysis

ICO app is free and available on Google Play and App Store

On your personalized dashboard, you can create multiple pool or spa profiles. At a glance you can see the health of your water and access the latest readings. When the water needs treatment, you receive a notification to follow the appropriate treatment recommendations.

Renting your house this summer? Going on vacation? No more stress

Even far away, you always keep an eye on your pool and receive personalized recommendations. You will be able to easily control the water quality for your tenants, or better, activate the sharing function. No need to know how to manage a swimming pool, they will be able to intervene very simply by following the prescription of ICO: with the good dosages and the adequate products.

Thanks to the water analysis every hour, ICO limits the use of "shock treatments": it is also the guarantee that your tenants fully enjoy your pool in healthy water, without risk.

Discover the sharing feature on ICO app.
Discover the sharing feature on ICO app

What our clients says about ICO

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Ondilo international survey . Mai 2020