ICO Pool : the Plans test

Plans discovered ICO Pool, thanks to the prestigious Awards it won at CES 2017 in the Connected Objects category for its innovation.

Point of view at the Unboxing ICO Pool

During unboxing, Plans appreciated ICO's elegant and robust design. The careful packaging and well-organised accessories contributed to a positive experience.

Experience during the installation of ICO Pool

Installing ICO presented some initial challenges, not least the need for a wifi repeater to ensure a stable connection. However, once these obstacles were overcome, installation proved to be relatively straightforward. Plans found that the application effectively guided users through each step, making the overall process satisfactory.

Trial and Full Use of ICO Pool

During testing, Plans found that using ICO was intuitive and the data provided was accurate and useful. The minimal maintenance required after installation was a major benefit, allowing users to enjoy their pool without constantly worrying about water quality. The alerts and recommendations sent by the application proved invaluable in keeping the water in optimum condition without the need for excessive chemical treatments.

Notes and conclusion

Initially, Plans encountered some installation difficulties due to a temperamental wifi repeater and average reception, common problems for any underwater device. However, we solved these problems thanks to updates. Once installed, our product is virtually maintenance-free and the quality of the water analysis is undeniable. This makes it possible to maintain healthy water without having to resort to shock or inappropriate treatments. Although our product is priced at €399, which may seem like a bit of a luxury, Plans believes that it's a wise investment to include in your pool budget.