ICO Spa : the test carried out by the Alexians

Today, we're delighted to share an article written by Les Alexiens entitled "Ondilo ICO test: connected pool and spa sensor, connected assistants in the water". In this article, Les Alexiens begin with a presentation of the packaging and ICO, followed by a full analysis of the use of the product and the application. They conclude with their objective opinions on ICO.

To begin with, the Alexians explain the product's features and then explain each sensor. They then set about installing the product and comparing the ICO measurements with the colorimetric strips.

After several days of use, the Alexians have drawn a number of conclusions about ICO.

The strengths of ICO Spa :

Alexians first praise its accuracy, with relevant measurements and clear recommendations based on sensor data and the weather. They point out that the ICO can reduce the consumption of maintenance products by providing appropriate preventive treatments, thereby improving the health of spa water.

They consider the ICO application to be truly comprehensive. "You even have the option of selecting the size of pebbles, the brand, etc., that you use in order to refine the recommendations for the island".

The weaknesses of ICO Spa :

However, there are a few weak points. Initial installation can be tricky, particularly when it comes to entering pairing mode. In addition, dealing with network loss can be problematic, sometimes requiring manual reconnection or even a device reset. Finally, they suggest improvements for connected assistants, in particular for Skill Alexa, which could offer more functionality, and for Google Home, which does not yet have an extension.

Despite these points, Les Alexiens believes that the ICO provides valuable services, in particular thanks to its intuitive colour coding for water quality, and that it deserves to be recommended for optimised spa management.

Summary table with overall ICO score

Alexians have rated our ICO product and given it an overall score of 8/10. Here's a detailed overview of the scores they gave to different aspects of our product :

Installation : 7/10

The installation of the ICO was judged to be correct, although certain aspects could be improved, in particular the initial pairing, which can be tricky.

Design : 9/10

The ICO's design was widely praised for its aesthetics and ergonomics, making the device not only functional but also pleasing to the eye.

Features : 9/10

The ICO's functionalities received high marks thanks to the accuracy of the measurements and the relevant recommendations provided by the application, ensuring optimum water management.

Application : 7/10

The application was praised for its intuitive interface and comprehensive functionality, but improvements are needed, particularly in terms of managing connected assistants and reconnecting to the network.

Quality/Price : 8/10

The ICO's value for money was judged to be good, offering a wide range of features and reliable performance at a reasonable cost.

In summary, Alexians were very satisfied with our ICO Spa product, highlighting its accuracy, design and functionality while noting a few areas for improvement. We're proud of these results and continue to work to provide the best possible experience for our users.