ICO Pool : Mister Perrier's full test

In this video « the hi-tech item of the summer », the youtuber Mister Perrier takes his community on a tour of our ICO Pool product. The video includes unpacking, installation, a presentation of the application and a detailed review.

Unpacking ICO Pool

Mister Perrier begins by carefully unpacking the box containing ICO Pool. He shows all the items included (ICO itself, the various tools, the charger, etc.). This part allows you to familiarise yourself with what you receive when you buy the product.

ICO Pool installation

He then guides us through the steps involved in installing ICO. He provides a clear and concise explanation of the steps involved in setting up the connected water analyser, highlighting the simplicity and speed of the process.

Presentation of the ICO application

In this section, Mister Perrier explores the ICO application. He shows us the dashboard, how to view water temperature, pH and other essential parameters.

Opinions and advice on ICO Pool

To conclude, Mister Perrier shares his opinion of ICO, highlighting the product's positive and negative points :

Positives points :

- ICO is a cost-effective alternative to traditional products that is essential for pool owners.

- Simple installation is a major advantage.

- The application is highly visible, easy to use and unique on the market.

- The product is designed and manufactured in France, which is a guarantee of quality.

Negatives points :

- The Wi-Fi router needs to be fairly close to the pool. Otherwise, you'll need to invest in a Wi-Fi repeater, at an additional cost.

Is the price justified ?

For Mister Perrier, the answer is yes. ICO has been compared to a real 'bodyguard' for swimming pools. It saves time, always warns if there's a problem, and uses fewer chemicals. These advantages fully justify its price.

In summary, this video from Mister Perrier offers a comprehensive and honest presentation of ICO, helping users to understand why this product could be a great addition to their pool equipment.