ICO best water analyzer 2023

Specializing in swimming pool maintenance training, Youtube Ma Piscine Tranquille has published a comparative review of the three connected pool probes Flipr, ECO and ICO after a full season of testing. In many categories, ICO Pool came out on top in the comparison and was named best connected water analyzer 2023.

Comparatif des analyseurs d'eau de piscine connectés par Ma piscine tranquille

Connected sensors comparative test

The editorial team from Ma Piscine Tranquille chose to test the three most popular probes on the French market: ICO Pool, Flipr and ECO. To do so, they asked a close relative to use the three probes in real-life conditions in his pool, just as any other user would do when he receives his order. These test settings guarantee impartiality and objectivity in the assessment of the connected probes. The three probes were sent free of charge by the manufacturers, and this is not a paid partnership.

Criteria observed for this test of connected pool analyzers

Here are the criteria chosen by Ma Piscine Tranquille to establish its ranking of the three connected pool probes.

Data measured by the sensors

data measured by Flipr, ICO Pool and ECO sensors


the Flipr connected probe is unstable compared to Ondilo's ICO probe

Flipr connected sensor


  • Floatability
  • Sensor circulates well in water
  • 5 years of guarantee


  • Sticks out a lot from the water (not discreet).
  • Not stable under a cover
  • The surface catches dirt
Iopool's ECO probe has a sober design but quickly becomes dirty. ICO Pool is of better quality.

ECO connected sensor


  • Very light
  • Circulate well in water
  • Discreet
  • Easy going under cover and skimmer


  • The surface catches dirt
ICO POOL has the best design, compared to Iopool's Flipr and ECO probes. It's more reliable and more elegant.

ICO connected sensor


  • Simple, elegant design
  • Discreet
  • Easy going under cover and skimmer
  • The smooth surface doesn't trap dirt, keeping the probe cleaner than ECO and Flipr probes.

Comparison of sales prices and maintenance costs

The experts at Ma Piscine Tranquille have compared sales prices and maintenance costs. However, to compare the difference between these products, we also need to compare the functionalities of these connected devices' applications in the next paragraph.

comparatif des tarifs et frais d'entretien des sondes piscine connectées 2023 . ICO obtient le label meilleur éco-conception. C'est la solution la plus écologique.

Since the Ma Piscine tranquille comparison, Ondilo has released a new ICO re-conditioned offer priced at €299 incl. VAT, with the option of adding an extended warranty. IoPool also offers a re-conditioned version on its website.

Global review of Flipr, Eco and ICO by Ondilo applications

Over a period of several months, the beta tester assesses the use of connected pool sensor applications.

comparison of connected pool sensor applications. ICO Pool is the best connected pool sensor application 2023.

Comparative test results: the best 2023 connected pool sensor

We've come to the end of Ma Piscine Tranquille's comparative test of the three pool water analyzers. During the period, the beta-tester also contacted the after-sales services of the three manufacturers, and factored service quality into the final scores.

  • Flipr
    • Positive points: 5-year warranty, simple application, reliable recommendations.
    • Negative points: under responsive customer service.
  • ECO
    • Positive points: price, minimalist design, reliability of recommendations.
    • Negative points: no "start measurement" function; too many notifications, the product code is only in one place in the box (problematic if lost). The recommendations are set for IoPool products, so you'll need to adapt them to your products if you don't use IoPool products.
  • ICO Pool water analyzer
    • Positive points: the product Qrcode is present everywhere inside the box, the very sober and elegant design, the simplicity of the application, the reliability of the recommendations.
    • Negative points: no negative points!

Want to know more information ? watch the video of the best connected water analyzer 2023

ICO Pool voted best connected pool sensor 2023 by Ma Piscine Tranquille .