ICO Pool - Refurbished - compatible with Chlorine / Bromine pools


Reconditioned ICOs are the result of a withdrawal or return. The products are checked and repackaged. They are all in very good condition.

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ICO, analyseur d’eau connecté pour piscine.

ICO measures, (1 time per hour), analyses, recommends and alerts to help you keep your bathing water clear and healthy. to guide you and enable you to have a clear and healthy bathing water at all times.

Thanks to patented technology, le Water Index, ICO vous permet de connaitre la qualité de l’eau de baignade en un coup d’oeil. ICO fournit également des recommandations personnalisées, et adaptées à votre piscine, uniquement quand c’est nécessaire. Le bon produit, au bon dosage, au bon moment.

Connected to your Wi-Fi network, ICO transmits this information directly to your smartphone 24/7. wherever you are.

Elegant and compact, et compact, ICO blends in with the decor of your pool, slipping under the cover or splashing around in the skimmer. ICO is robust and designed to last over time, resisting UV rays, chlorine and children... 😉 Its all-terrain sensors are protected by a rigid shell.

My battery is rechargeable and long lasting (I get recharged once a season). (on me recharge une fois par saison).

Thanks to the Share function, You can share my data with your family, neighbours or friends so that they can easily take over during your absence only moving if necessary.

I am compatible with pools treated with chlorine, bromine..


Additional information

Weight 0,7 kg
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 6 cm
Extended warranty

Sans extension de garantie, 12 mois – 50 euros TTC