How can I extend my Wi-Fi in my garden ?


Just like your telephone, tablet or computer, ICO needs a WiFi connection to connect to the internet. It is possible, in certain cases, that ICO is not able to capture your network. Numerous elements have an impact on the WiFi coverage in your house. Potential obstructions present in your garden are :
• The walls of your house
• Cars
• Garages
• Window shutters
• Wooden fencing
• Trees or hedges
• Pool covers
• Pool shelters

You have WiFi signal all around your pool at water level. You have few or no obstacles between your internet box and your pool. Your signal strength is strong.
You get WiFi signal in your garden but the signal does not arrive at your pool or when it does, it is weak. You have a several obstacles which reduce the strength of the WiFi signal.
You only get WiFi signal in your house and not in the garden. You have a lot of obstacles which reduce your WiFi’s signal strength.
You do not have WiFi in your house.

A WiFi extender lets you connect ICO to your internet by extending your WiFi signal.

Advantages of an extender :

  • Quick and easy to set up

A CPL Kit allows you to connect ICO to the internet using your power lines.

Advantages of CPL :

  • No need to place the CPL kit in a zone covered by your WiFi
  • It can be placed wherever you like

A 3G router lets you connect your ICO to the internet using a mobile network. This solution uses a simple SIM card and device.

Avantage du routeur 3G :

  • No need to have an Internet box
  • Can be placed wherever you like

Choose which network type you have to find a solution that works for you  

Your ICO connects to your WiFi already in your pool, you do not need to extend the network so that it reaches your garden.
We recommend that you use a WiFi extender. It will take in the signal from your box and then emit a stronger WiFi signal that will arrive at your pool. However a CPL kit and 3G Router will also work with this configuration.
We recommend that you use a CPL Kit. It will receive an internet connection via your electric line and not via WiFi. Then it will emit a stronger signal which will arrive at your pool. You can also use a 3G Router in this situation.
In this case, you can use a 3G Router. It will create it’s own WiFi network just like an Internet box. The only thing it needs is access to a mobile network.

You can analyse the force of your WiFi signal with the help of a mobile application such as “WiFi Analyser” for Android.

Strength Valuation
-30dBm Excellent
-67dBm Very good
-70dBm Sufficient
-80dBm Poor
-90dBm Unusable


Whilst you are measuring the signal strength, put yourself at water level with the telephone. ICO works up to around -90dBm.

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