Today, wireless networks are everywhere, whether in the home, at work, at the station or even in a restaurant. The reach of the Internet Box’s WiFi connection is limited and does not allow access to its home wireless network anywhere in or around the home.
So how to extend your WiFi in your garden or around your pool?

Many solutions can improve the scope of the WiFi network.

Some tips for deploying WiFi signal anywhere in your home

1. Choose the position of your Internet Box

To create a seamless network of WiFi waves, it is best to position the Box in the center of the house. The place should be small and rather high to avoid obstacles. Thick walls, armored doors, windows and windows of last generation are likely to decrease or even block the signal. It is especially necessary to avoid the cloisonne places like the cupboards which strongly diminish the power of the signal.

Taking into account the previous tips, WiFi coverage has improved significantly.

2. Use a WiFi Repeater

This device retrieves the WiFi network signal from your Internet Box and repeats it to extend the coverage area.
Although there are now models with autonomy through a battery, it must be connected to an electrical outlet located at the limit of the WiFi signal range of the Box. It is possible to install multiple repeaters in the house to extend the network.
Some models are also able to create their own WiFi network (this is called an Access Point / AP / AP mode). It recovers the Internet connection of your Box either by cable or by WiFi and establishes the connection between it and the other equipment of the house (PC / tablet / Smartphone). This also makes it possible to create a second network (for the work for example) without needing to order a second Internet line.

The advantage of this solution: it can be coupled with other solutions proposed here. The disadvantage: it is often necessary to configure the repeaters. This action can be complex depending on the model chosen.

3. Use a CPL kit

This already old solution brings the Internet connection in any room of the house or in the garden (if an electrical outlet is present). It passes the Internet connection through the electrical network housing.
The installation of a CPL kit is simple and without configuration. Simply connect the 2 LC boxes to a separate and dedicated power outlet, connect a box to the Internet Box and the other to the target equipment (computer / game console / TV connected) for the connection to be effective between them.

It is advisable not to connect a CPL box to a power strip, this could cause interference caused by other devices connected to this power strip. There are CPL enclosures with an outlet for connecting other equipment.

Before embarking on the purchase of a CPL kit, it is necessary to check that the electrical installation is fairly recent and up to standard (single-phase).

4. WiFi / 3G / 4G relay

There is another way to provide WiFi anywhere in the house. This one does not use the domestic Internet network but a clean mobile network. This potentially means an additional subscription to a mobile operator (around € 2 to € 20 per month depending on the operator).
The principle is simple: all you have to do is acquire a WiFi 3G router / WiFi router type device that connects to the 3G / 4G mobile network thanks to a SIM card provided by the operator that broadcasts a WiFi network. Equipment such as computer / tablet / smartphone is connected to the WiFi network of the router and the data is sent to the Internet via the 3G / 4G mobile network.

The effectiveness of this solution depends on the network coverage of the chosen mobile operator. It is necessary to choose the right package to avoid unexpected extra costs.

To conclude

More or less simple to implement, these solutions are relatively cheap. They extend the WiFi signal everywhere (inside or around the house).


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