Why are the ICO measurements different from the strips?

Your ICO is programmed to measure pH, ORP (disinfection) and TDS (water conductivity). It is possible to see differences in results between the tests given by ICO and those given by other instruments, such as test strips.

These differences are normal since the chemical values sought by the two instruments are different. For example, there are three different types of chlorine.

The way the measurement is taken (depth, location or time of analysis) has also a strong impact on the result.

It is therefore not relevant to compare two tools that are not identical. The reliability of ICO measurements allows you to keep your water balanced for a long time and to preserve the equipment of your pool or spa.

What does ICO measure compared to strips?

ICO has four sensors (probes) :

  • three removable probes located in the base of the ICO measure water chemistry (pH, ORP-REDOX and conductivity)
  • the fourth integrated sensor measures the water temperature.

pH measure

You can check the accuracy of your ICO's pH measurement by doing a comparative test with mineral water at home.

Video Youtube ICO By Ondilo. test eau minérale pH. quelle différence avec les bandelettes ?

Disinfection rate (ORP /REDOX)

There are three different types of chlorine: ICO measures active chlorine. Most strips measure total or free chlorine which is not an indicator of water disinfection.

Video Youtube ICO By Ondilo . quelles différences entre les différents chlores ? quelle différence avec les bandelettes ?

The conductivity (TDS)

ICO measures the TDS, which is the Total Dissolved Solids in water. The strips measure TAC and TH and give partial measurements. All the explanations in video.

Video Youtube ICO By Ondilo. qu'est ce que le TDS ? TH ? TAC ? quelle différence avec les bandelettes ?

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