Installing an above-ground pool

Spring is here, the sun is shining and if you don't have a pool to cool off in, you might want to buy one to install above ground.

The crucial point for installing an outdoor pool is the nature of the ground on which it will be installed. You must ensure that the ground on which you want to install it is stable and flat.

The ground

The location of the pool should be chosen, marked out and cleaned. For effective cleaning, remove stones and sweep the surface with an outdoor broom to avoid puncturing the pool.

Once the site has been thoroughly cleaned, the ground should be levelled with a lawn roller. Place the pool on a special ground cover.


  • For a self-supporting above-ground pool: inflate the liner and let your pool fill up.
  • For tubular pools: place the horizontal tubes in the liner sleeves, then the vertical tubes and snap them together before filling the pool. Check that the whole structure is stable and level.
  • For an above-ground wooden pool: This installation consists of assembling wooden planks. Care must be taken to ensure that they fit into each other. Next, lay the felt and then the liner on the walls and bottom of your pool to ensure a good seal. You can now fill the pool with water. Beforehand, you will have installed the equipment that will allow the proper filtration of your water.