What is the purpose of the pool flocculant ?

Pool flocculant is used as a supplement to water treatment. It improves the efficiency of the filter, disinfection and the crystallinity of the water. This treatment method is recommended when the water becomes cloudy due to fine particles. If the filtration is not efficient enough, it does not prevent the formation of floating particles. The resulting chemical process is called flocculation. The flocculant brings the finer particles (invisible to the naked eye) together to form larger particles that are retained by the filter.

The different forms of flocculant

Flocculant is available in several forms:

  • Flocculant in sachets: which allows a slow diffusion and a permanent water treatment. This is placed in the skimmer so that flocculation takes place directly when the water enters.
  • Le floculant liquide : this is poured directly into your pond, with rapid diffusion. Make sure you follow the instructions for use and dosage. Before pouring the liquid, do not forget to stop your filtration system, then clean it thoroughly with a hoover. Then start the filtration system again.
  • Flocculant in pellet form integrated in a sock or in a cartridge. The pellets diffuse slowly and last for a long time.

Compatibilité du floculant

The use of flocculant is not compatible with all types of pools and all types of filters.

  • The use of flocculant is especially recommended with sand filters.
  • Do not use flocculant if you have a diatomaceous earth filter, as this will clog the filter which already has a small filtration capacity.
  • Use a specific flocculant for the cartridge filter.
  • For salt-treated pools, ensure that the flocculant is compatible with salt electrolysis.

When to use this product?

Never use flocculant willy-nilly and without good reason. Here are the situations in which it is best to use flocculant:

  • Summer: when your filtration is not efficient enough because of the frequency of swimming.
  • Your pool is full of algae: you have carried out a chlorine shock treatment to combat them. The result is that many fine particles are suspended in the water and your filter has difficulty removing them all. Flocculation is therefore a good solution.

In any case, make sure your pool water has a pH between 7 and 7.4 to keep the flocculant effective.