ICO does not send any recommendations

In order to identify the reasons why ICO does not send recommendations, you will find below a reminder of how they work (weekly maintenance, frequency).

How do ICO recommendations work?

At a minimum, ICO sends this message every week "Think of the weekly maintenance!". Weekly maintenance consists of emptying and cleaning the skimmer basket and the cleaning robot, removing leaves and anything else that could impede the proper circulation of the water. If you do not receive this message every week, please contact the Customer Service.

app ICO recommandation entretien hebdomadaire

Then, ICO provides instructions only when your pool or spa water needs chemical treatment or maintenance. Recommendations are therefore not sent on a regular basis, but only according to the quality of the water in your pond.

How often does ICO make recommendations?

If you receive little or no advice, this does not necessarily indicate a defect in your ICO, but simply that the water in your pond remains healthy and clear. You can check that your ICO sends you the weekly maintenance message.

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