ICO sensors calibration kit


This calibration kit allows you to ensure that the measurements of your ICO are accurate and thus optimize its performance.

After the first season, we recommend that you recalibrate the sensors each time you restart your pool or spa (or every 6 months if you do not winterize) or if you notice a drift in the measurements.

Your ICO is calibrated by default at the factory, It is therefore not necessary to calibrate it when it is first used.

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The calibration kit contains three 20ml buffer solutions :

  • 1 pH 4 buffer solution
  • 1 pH 7 buffer solution
  • 1 OPR (470 mV) buffer solution
    + 1 ICO calibration stand
    + 1 calibration & sensor replacement guide

The ICO calibration kit is compatible with ICO Pool and ICO Spa.

La calibration régulière de vos sondes pH (bleu) et ORP (orange : chlore brome / jaune: sel), vous permet de fiablisier les mesures et d’optimiser leurs performances. De plus, la calibration vous aide à maximiser la durée de vie de vos capteurs.


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How to calibrate ICO

This video tutorial explains why and how to calibrate your ICO.