Our chemistry expert explains everything you need to know about the pH of your pool or spa in video.




What is the need to measure the pH?

The pH or hydrogen potential is a determining indicator of water quality that allows us to control the acidity of the water and its balance. The pH varies according to different elements such as the outside temperature or the frequency of use of the pool or spa.


What is the perfect pH level for swimming?

Ideally, the pool or spa water should be neutral or slightly basic, around a value of 7.4 which is the optimal value for disinfecting your water. However, this depends strongly on the products you use or the location you live in. If the pH of your pool or spa is above this value (9) or below (5), you should regularly monitor the changes in your water. In conclusion, there is no need to rush to your dealer or to add chemicals in quantity.

  • The pH is below 7: use pH + tablets to stabilize and bring your indicator back to the right level.
  • The pH is above 7: use pH – tablets to rebalance the water

What to remember : When the pH is in the range of 5 < pH < 9 there is no risk to your health, but your water is less comfortable (irritated eyes? stretching skin?). You can continue to enjoy your pool or spa.


The pH does not change after adding pH – or +?

After adding pH – or pH+ (please allow a few hours for the product to react), if the pH of your water does not change, it may mean that your water is buffered: the alkalinity level also named TAC is too high.

Here are the solutions to remedy this:

  • For your pool: add less liquid pH (not in tablet form), then activate the filtration continuously to lower the TAC and modify the pH.
  • For your Spa: activate the jets continuously to release the minerals in the form of gas.





The pH is also present in the bottles of mineral water, its rate is indicated on the label. You can easily perform this test at home with your ICO or any other solution to check your measurement.







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