Stabilized chlorine

Stabilised chlorine is an effective disinfectant for your pool or spa water. Its use allows the chlorine to remain effective for a longer period of time when the sun's rays are strong. This effectively fights fungi, algae and bacteria. It is less expensive than other treatments and is also easy to use and dose.

water treated with stabilized chlorine. The disinfecting action of chlorine is effective.

What is stabilized chlorine?

There are unstabilized chlorine and stabilized chlorine. Many products sold in the market contain it (the mention cyanuric acid is then indicated in the composition of the product). It prolongs the effectiveness of the disinfecting power of chlorine which is very sensitive to UV rays. The stabiliser protects the chlorine from the sun's rays.

Beware of over-stabilization!

Although the idea of prolonging the disinfecting action of chlorine is exciting, as always with chemical products, the dosage must be controlled. Stabilised chlorine remains in the water for a very long time without dissolving. This can lead to a build-up of stabilised chlorine in the water and increase the risk of your pool or spa water going bad. An overdose would render the chlorine ineffective, and the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi would be inevitable. If you observe this phenomenon, use only unstabilised chlorine to avoid aggravating the situation. If there is a major imbalance, you may have to consider draining some of the water from your pool.

How to dose the amount of stabilizer?

As you can see, this product should be used with care to keep the water healthy.

To avoid over-stabilisation of the water and control its dosage, you can :

  • Use stabilized and non-stabilized chlorine alternately
  • Buy stabilizer and add it to unstabilized chlorine.
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