Why not rent out your pool to individuals?

Over the past few years, pool rental between private individuals has become very popular. Numerous platforms offer to put you in touch with other people, and take care of the contractual side of things. But you can also manage your pool rental yourself. In this article, we tell you all about the regulatory conditions to be respected and the pitfalls to avoid.

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Earn rental income with your pool

Your private swimming pool is considered a private part of your property in France. You're therefore entitled to rent it out to private individuals or companies for a set period of time. On average, the income generated by renting out a pool is €250 per half-day (4 hours). That's a lot of money to make if you choose to rent out your pool on a regular basis.

Whether for private swimming lessons, birthday parties or company seminars, many people who aren't lucky enough to have their own swimming pool and garden, would certainly be delighted to take advantage of your space for an afternoon or evening. Barbecue, ping-pong table, trampoline - it's up to you to create the service(s) you'd like to offer your guests!

To rent your pool you can go through specialized platforms like Swimmy, My Private Pool or Peerspace. By going through these platforms you gain access to a larger number of potential renters. Above all, you benefit from their turnkey service: insurance against damage to property, inventory form, secure payment...

You can also rent out your pool yourself on traditional classified ad platforms or social networks. It's up to you to decide whether or not tenants have access to the interior of your home. You'll need to draw up a contract called a standard civil lease, as well as an inventory of fixtures form, and then manage payments.

Renting out your pool: what are the regulations?

If you want to rent out your pool, you need to be aware of the legal requirements, both in terms of pool safety and tax and insurance declarations.

Pool safety standards

All private owners of outdoor swimming pools, whether for rental or not, are required to fit at least one of the following safety devices:

  • a NF P90-307 standard pool alarm
  • a NF P90-309 standard pool enclosure
  • a protective barrier to standard NF P90-306
  • a safety cover to standard NF P90-308

These requirements do not apply to above-ground, inflatable or demountable pools. We recommend that you install a safety cover or alarm, especially if you have guests with children. Find out more about thesafety standards and equipment requirements for swimming pools..

Contract and insurances

To rent out your swimming pool, you need to draw up a rental contract called a civil lease, which is specific to short term contracts by the hour, half-day or day. In this contract, you must specify the name of the tenant, a postal address, the rental period and the maximum number of people authorized. Finally, you can add any other services provided for the tenant: deckchairs, shower, barbecue, pool or outdoor games, etc.

To cover potential personal injury or property damage, you should include your pool in your home insurance policy, which includes civil liability coverage. It's also a good idea to inform your insurer when you rent out your pool. In France, there is no obligation to take out special rental insurance.

Income tax

In France, you'll need to declare your income from renting out your swimming pool as your main residence at a minimum of 760 euros (incl. VAT) per year. Above this amount, you must declare your income to the tax authorities.

A beautiful pool to welcome your guests

When you rent out your pool, it goes without saying that it has to be perfect to welcome your tenants. There's no question of having cloudy pool water on that day, or risk being in litigation and receiving a demand for a refund.

For peace of mind and to anticipate changes in the water, opt for a connected pool analyzer such as ICO Pool:

  • Automatically analyzes your pool water every hour
  • Analysis of pH, ORP (disinfectant) and TDS (salt pool)
  • Recommendations for treatment with the right product, at the right dosage, at the right time.

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