Flocculants improve filtration, leading to an improved cleaning and disinfection of the water. This treatment method is recommended when the filtration system struggles to remove all the floating particles (murky/troubled water). The chemical process which follows is called flocculation. It is the process in which all of the smallest particles that aren’t visible to the naked eye clump together into a big enough group that they can then be removed from your water by the filter.


Just like chlorine, flocculants are available in several forms :

First of all there are cartridge flocculants which allow a slow diffusion and a permanent treatment of your water. They are placed in the skimmer so that flocculation takes place as soon as water enters.

Secondly, there is liquid flocculant: this goes directly into your pool. Make sure you follow the guidelines on use and dosage. Don’t forget to stop your filtration system before pouring in the liquid and cleaning the bottom of your pool with a pool vacuum cleaner. To finish turn your filter back on.

The third form is flocculant in tablets.


Make sure that you know that you should never use a flocculant without a valid reason. Here are the situations where you should use it :

1) Naturally, during the summer season when your filtration no longer does the job, this can happen above all during summer when you are using your pool more often which leads to a higher pollution caused by the coming and going of swimmers.

2) Your pool is full of algae and you have carried out a chlorine shock treatment to fight it. This results in numerous fine particles which are in suspension in your water and your filter is not able to remove them all. A flocculant here is a good solution.

In all cases, make sure that the water in your swimming pool has a pH between 7.2 and 7.4 to keep the flocculant effective. Then check the compatibility of your flocculant with your filter.

Do not use a flocculant if you own a diatom filter because that would clog up the filter since it is very narrow.

I am ICO, your connected device which measures, anticipates, and adapts your advice and lets you know on your smartphone. 

Thanks to my sensors, I send the following information directly to your mobile: pH through the blue sensor, Redox (rate of disinfection, estimation of chlorine level) through the orange sensor, and the conductivity through the grey sensor. 

I allow you to anticipate changes in the quality of your water.


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