Here at Ondilo, we are always thinking about how to improve our ICO and its application to offer the best possible experience to our clients.

Over the last couple of months we have received a number of comments and suggestions for our application .

The users wanted to be able to see the trends of their measurements for a bettter understanding of the water quality and their recommendations.

To guarantee a high quality customer experience, we have acted upon your questions and comments in order to develop a new ICO application.

We have given the application a breath of fresh air and our development team is happy to present our new interface with several major improvements :

  • A new home screen
  • Display the trends by day, week, or month
  • View the measurements (and estimations) on average, at its minimum and maximum
  • Personalized reports and recommendations
  • A new record of all of the old recommendations of your ICO can be found in your logbook
  • The weather forecast is even more precise and targeted to the location of your pool

Our new home screen:

You can now discover new information about your pool using our new interface:

  • Weather forecast for the location of your pool
  • Date and time of the last measurement
  • Reports on the analysis of your water and recommendations
  • The name of your pool & the temperature of the water
  • Latest reading for pH, ORP, conductivity
  • Adjustable trends page to show your measurements

Our trends page for your measurements:

  • The difference between measured data and estimated data
  • See the trends over the hours, days, weeks, and months
  • Min, Max, and average for all the measured and estimated data

Your report and recommendations:

  • Report on the equilibrium in your pool
  • Report on the disinfection of the pool
  • Recommended actions

Your weather forecast:

  • Weather forecast for the location of your pool
  • Current temperature, minimum, and maximum for the day
  • Forecast for the following days

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