How to balance spa water

Balanced water is based on 3 parameters: pH, alkalinity (TAC) and hardness (TH). The search for this balance is important because it guarantees the optimal efficiency of chemical products, the preservation of equipment and a perfect bathing quality.

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Water balance depends on the use of your spa

The environment and the use of your spa have a direct impact on the quality of the water:

  • The location of your spa (outdoor or indoor)
  • Number of people using it
  • Frequency of swimming

The number of pH, TAC and TH tests should be adapted to the external factors (at least 2 tests per month) and your spa water should be monitored very regularly.

Regular maintenance and quarterly draining of your spa is essential for the quality of the water and the preservation of your equipment. Our advice to clean your spa

Parameters and values of optimal water

Here are some indicators to analyse to understand water quality:

  • pH (disinfection): ideally, your spa water should have a pH between 7 et 7,4. These are the optimum values for water disinfection. all about pH
  • TAC (alkalinity) is a measure of the concentration of carbonate and bicarbonate ions. This measurement indicates the capacity of the water to absorb fluctuations in pH and to stabilise it. The unit of measurement for TAC is the ppm (part per million) or the French degree (°f) and it should vary optimally between 80 and 120 mg/l . By regulating the TAC level of your water (TAC+ or TAC-) you can do what is called "buffering your water". All about alkalinity
  • Le TH (hardness): TH is the hardness of water, which refers to the concentration of calcium or magnesium ions. It is measured in French degrees (°F) or in ppm. The ideal TH is between 10 and 20°F (100 or 200 mg/l or ppm). The higher the TH, the harder and more calcareous the water becomes. On the other hand, the lower the TH, the softer the water. All about water hardness

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