ICO application

For personalized recommendations
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Guides you through pool maintenance


  • Simple to use
  • Real time water analysis 
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Appropriate alerts and notifications
A personalized analysis

Once the application is downloaded, you enter the information related to your pool (position, type of chemicals, water volume…).

ICO is then linked to your swimming pool and directly analyzes the quality of your water

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Our algorithms have been developped to enable an optimal analysis of your pool’s data. These data are then analyzed and transmitted to inform you of the water fluctuations over time.

ICO’s artificial intelligence can anticipate variations of the water and can therefore notify you in time.

Thanks to the ICO application, you are not alone to face your pool maintenance.


For personalized recommendations

ICO measures in real time, it is capable of suspecting water imbalance, interpreting them, and formulating personnalized recommendations for your pool maintenance.

Anticipate the weather changes

As the weather influences the water quality and swimming comfort, ICO’s artificial intelligence takes its evolution into account.


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